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February 9, 2013

Recipe Hunting & 10 Reasons I could never be a spy (at least 10)

So once again it's the middle of the night but I'm in a better mood.  My niece had a great birthday and my suggestion of a very simple gift just for her worked out great.  Rock on for great aunt intuition and tomboy nieces.  I really do miss them and I will see them at some point this year after I know exactly what I'm doing.  I'd preferably be in the area permanently but regardless I gotta spend some time with my family.  I keep looking at jobs that would take me even further away than I am now and while I'd like to be employed immediately I don't think I'm willing to move to the coast (and near hurricane areas) just to make that happen.

The last few days I've been sorting through old magazines, cooking things, what not that I kept to look through for recipes.  I've copied the ones I've wanted into a word file for now but still have several dozen to go through and then I can dump those along with some more bridal magazines into the recycle bin for next week.  After all, I'm a very single 37 year old and keeping four year old in some cases (five I think at this point) bridal magazines just seems silly.  I had a big purge of those a while back but still have a stack to sort through.  I've found about 10 I think from main dishes to new ice cream recipes and those will go in my nifty recipe binder.  I'm also gonna add another one from What's Cookin Chicago--Asian spare ribs.  I love the PF Chang knock off but good Lord it's complicated.  If this tastes nearly as good without the work 1) you know I'll tell you and 2) I can have pretty lean ribs more often.  If you have any suggestions let me know, for recipes that is lol.  In my dream kitchen I have a shelf that's just cookbooks that cover any conceivable thing I would like to eat.  Since I'm finicky that's probably not a ton of cookbooks but still they would be there.

Since I'm up in the middle of the night of course I'm watching movies.  I've caught the end of Kill Bill Volume 1 twice now--I really don't understand why they won't play Volume 2 right after so I can get all the vengeful rage out of my system at once.  It's very frustrating.  But as I've been watching a few things occurred to me.  I could never be a spy or an assassin because I'm not equipped with most of the necessary skills with which to do said job. 

  1. I'm easily distracted.  Unless I'm hot mad and pissed I really can lose focus in a nanosecond.
  2. You can't really be hot mad and pissed as a spy 99 percent of the time, it seems as though that would interfere with the cool detachment necessary to off people and go have lunch later.
  3. I've never seen an overweight spy unless it was a fat suit or they had been "retired" and someone was coming after them for some odd reason.
  4. I really have no desire to kill anyone, if I could be in the planning side of things maybe but hands dirty just gives me the willies.
  5. My hand eye coordination is seriously handicapped.  All that hand to hand combat would probably result in my getting my ass handed to me.
  6. I really only know English and can read French but I learned it in Texas so yeah speaking French not a good thing for me.  Besides when do spies need French?  Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian Czech, Polish yes but French ehhh.
  7. I'm not sure how well I can do poker face.  I would probably be laughing at the target and get everyone killed.
  8. My mother is crazy and would call in the middle of an operation to ask if I could bring home milk.  Even if I didn't answer and she left a message she'd leave an extra long message and forget what she really wanted and I'd know that as the message was being left and just get frustrated and distracted (see point 1).
  9. While I love flying, don't spies and assassins seem to end up in the weirdest freaking places?  Paris or Versailles or Rome or Melbourne sign me up.  Krakow, Berat, Bobrov, and Bampar nah I'm good on those.
  10. It never seems like spies or assassins get vacations or real lives.  Families could be potential targets, relaxing without weapons could get you killed.  You never know when you might be targeted by your own people.  After all no one really likes to leave someone around who knows were all the secrets are buried.
  11. This may sound like a vain one but I'll be sure to counter it with a less vain one soon.  I don't remember any prominent female spies with sizable cleavage.  A respectable B cup yes.  A DDD cup ehh not so much.
  12. I think I'm too short.  In addition to being on the thin fit cute girl bra framed size of things the female spies I've seen tend to be at bare minimum 5'6;; and like to run in heels.  I am definitely under 5'6'' and I hate walking in heels let alone running in them.  Running in heels means someone is trying to kill me which in this case I guess would be valid.  But I'm really clumsy and that seems like a bad combination.
  13. While I'm a great liar, and I can be when properly motivated, I usually restrict to the books I'm writing though lol, I don't always remember the ones I've concocted in my brain so those long term missions could be a problem.
  14. I have just enough disrespect for authority for that whole chain of command thing to be problematic unless I was heading into the Jason Bourne school of spies.
  15. There are days I just want to be lazy and let my brain turn off from work and life.  How do you do that when you are killing folks for a living?
  16. I really don't like wearing leather or heavy wool coats.  Again could be a stereotype but they are never festively dressed and leather chafes after a while.
I'm sure I could come up with more but that seems like more than enough lol. I really do like the movie though which surprised me when I heard the premise.  And I was kinda pissed it was in two parts but ehh what can you do.  Oh well off to watch Sir Ben Kingsley's version of Sweeney Todd.

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