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February 2, 2013

I watched mom buy a honking big tv, what did you do today?

Today started out great and it's kinda wrapping up that way but let me just say the middle made me want to hit people.  I actually went to bed before midnight last night and I slept THROUGH the night.  I didn't wake up till about 7:30 and that was for a potty break.  I stayed up after 8 for some unknown reason but it felt good to not be going to sleep at six in the morning.

I knew I was going to take mom to the store because if I didn't I'd hear whining from here to eternity about how I NEVER (read not the minute she wants to go) take her anywhere (read everywhere under the freaking sun).  Her tantrum started with the trip to the neighborhood market instead of the big Wal-mart and I mean she seriously got out of the car muttering about how they never have what she wants (what she wants usually doesn't actually exist in reality by the way) and never price match anything (and that's never in that it's been so long since she went into neighborhood market she forgot they do it readily).  After that excursion was done it was off to another small chain grocery store--cause she didn't try to price match anything at the neighborhood market--for bacon.  She came out with bacon, fruit, muffins and other crap I couldn't easily detect.  I needed to see if I could find a purse box that I made for my linesisters previously because one went to a bad address and was either tossed or kept but it wasn't returned.  Hobby Lobby let me down so I was ready to pull out and head home before someone wanted fast food.  Before I could even get to the road though she saw a store that just advertised tvs for sale that she remembered as we passed the sign.  I should have said no but since I'm home so much right now I really don't like fighting.  Of course she beelined for the most ridiculously large one and after hemming and hawing and being lied to by the salesman about what smart tvs do and how cable is going to magically disappear in 5 years she purchased a tv that will occupy my living room.  That's not a pun it's freaking huge.  You could serve dinner for six on that thing.  She tried to offer me the 50 inch model--that isn't really 50 inches I don't think--for my room.  Yes we have a 50 inch tv and she wanted yet a bigger one. I said no like I had the previous 12 times it's been offered.  That will have to hang out in her room with her.  I moved the Wii back into my room and I doubt it's returning to the living room because now there's no room for it and I really don't want to support what I see as a ridiculous waste of money.

I'm sure I didn't mention it but I have a new phone interview on Monday.  I'm trying to decide if I want to dye my hair since technically it's on the computer not the phone.  I'm going to share some snaps of my gray, well as much as this camera will capture.  The roots are much more salt and pepper than the length of course but I'm mostly okay with it.  Mom thinks it makes me look older than 37 and that people don't want to hire old people.  I don't look old enough to fall into old people lol but I'll take your feedback.  I'm probably going to see my hairdresser before my next trip for a wash and set.  I'm going to keep on my relaxer schedule.  Despite the up and down part of the day I came home to another round of goodies from Ferrero Rocher and Influenster since I had been such a good blogger during that campaign last fall.  I super love these things when they are cold.  So the other sleeves--yeah I finished one decompressing so sue me lol--are going into the freezer.


  1. To be honest your greys don't look that much to me. Or you could get one of those instant root touch up dyes that you can do yourself at home if you need to, when I worked retail many years ago they sold like hot cakes. Funny you should mention Ferrero Rocher been dreaming about them for two days now lol but my fav chocolates of all time have got to be from Lindt literally melts in your mouth!

    1. I don't think they look that bad either. And if my hair isn't pulled back you can't see them really. I'll see what it looks like after the next wash and maybe take some more photos.