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February 4, 2013

Superbowl Wash Day

This post would have been up much earlier but yeah I was watching the Superbowl.  I was feeling kinda safe in that love for my fictional husband (hey Ray love you boo) until a random power outage delayed the game for more than 30 minutes and then the damn 49ers started a comeback.  A decisive goal line stand stopped the last San Francisco drive and the Ravens managed to hold on after a nifty safety play.  So glad the last game of his career was a win and once I fall back to sleep I can keep planning our small lavish wedding lol. 

I did manage to wash my hair and get it up before the game came on and after being errand and repair girl for mom.  I did take a nap while my hair was prepooing and I think my hair REALLY liked it.  My hair had been feeling pretty dry and that gave it enough moisture pre-wash.  Didn't lose more hair than I expected especially for being 10 weeks post.  I opted for flexi-rods and that's what has my hair captive now.  I did take more pictures so you could see the gray in more detail.  I still have over a week to dye it but not sure if I will.  Like I said yesterday the roots and first few inches are much more salt and pepper than the rest of my hair.  It looks much grayer than it did yesterday lol.  Benefit of it being wet.  I'll try to take pictures tomorrow after I take it down for a final comparison.  Thoughts?

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