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February 17, 2013

Post Interview Post

I don't have anything pivotal to update you on.  The interview was interesting.  Very reserved so either I really sucked or they were really exhausted from the stressful week they discussed while I was waiting for folks to come in.  On the upside since I didn't have a scheduled dinner the night before I got to see my line sisters which was fabulous especially since I haven't been in town in a minute.  We turn 9 this Friday--on my creamy crack day lol--so I was sad I couldn't see them this week but it was nice to see them at all.  Got a call for another interview in a few weeks.  I have to say I was surprised how well my hair held up.  A few fly aways but at 12 weeks post what else could be expected.  Hair was still super soft and bouncy.  Oh and Walgreens was having a crazy sale on hair dye.  I probably won't dye it all the time but I couldn't pass up 2.50 for a box of normally almost 10 dollar Feria.  And the sales girl had coupons so I got another dollar knocked off each box.  Considering I only went in for Organix Macadamia hair masque I spent more than I thought I would.  However, I only spent 18 bucks for the hair masque (8), French manicure nail polish kit (also on sale 4 bucks) and 6 bucks for the hair dye.  Here's a photo of all of us.  Updated the blog for my nieces too so they could see my random job traveling self.  I'm trying to watch the all star game but these long intros, warm-ups and always being on commercial when I flip back has left me less than enthused.  Have a good night.

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