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May 11, 2013

Food Lust

This will either discuss my latest food obsession or a recipe I discovered that I want to share.  I can confess now that if I was wealthier I'd have to set strict limits on my Williams Sonoma spending because I love them like way too much.  I'm not a clothes freak or shoe whore lol but kitchen gadgets and a deluxe kitchen with a double oven and lots of counter space would be a tiny taste of heaven for me for real.  The only other things I lust after as much are music and books, like the real ones you can touch not the digital ones, don't love them yet.  I'll make a separate tab about those maybe.  I'll update this as soon as I love something new.

05/11/2013--Peanut Butter Ice Cream.  It's by no means Gingersnap Ice Cream however it's very tasty especially if you like peanut butter.  The recipe I'm going to share has peanut butter cups in it and that's how I made it the first time but for some reason that didn't work well for me.  They were too cold or too hard or something.  The next time I made it I made it with heath bits instead.  It was the perfect mix of chocolate, toffee and peanut butter.  So that's what I use now instead.  Oh and my blasted waffle iron broke when I was trying to be nice to mom and make her some Belgian waffles so I have to find a new one.  Any ideas?

11/15/2012-- Gingersnap Crumble Cupcakes (What's Cooking Chicago trifecta).  So good, loved them and mom liked them too which is always a sticking point.  Will probably make some more of them next week for the holiday along with the duck, turkey breast, and pecan pie.

10/18/2012--Creole Fried Chicken (What's Cooking Chicago strikes again) and Williams-Sonoma have captured my heart.  I've made the fried chicken twice now and it just makes me happy.  I only use chicken thighs for it but ohhhhh so yummy.  And when I was waiting to grab food I went into WS and found the electric ice cream machine with two bowls that was cheaper than grabbing an extra bowl and the machine at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I'm also on the hunt for Lemon Oreos so if someone sees them please let me know.

7/21/2012--Gingersnap Ice Cream--check the blog posts or the What's Cooking Chicago blog--so good

7/6/2012---Since I had to lay off the cookies, I've been back on my homemade mix of the Planter's nutrition boxes I was briefly in love with till I calculated how much my healthy snack was costing me.  Instead I order from Nuts.com or a similar site now and four or five pounds of nuts will last me 4-6 weeks if I snack daily.  If I don't then it can last a few months easy.  The alternative was 6 bags that would only last a few days (or less if mom saw them and started snatching them like she does the Fruitables).  Either way better than the oreos for me but ohh double stuff golden oreos are so delicious lol.  Signing off for now.

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