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May 11, 2013

Working on Me

Working on Me*

This will discuss my music stuff, book stuff and my hopeful weight loss journey.  It may include links to blog entries as they are appropriate as well.  Okay I think I have all the tabs I need right now.

Currently playing:  Lots of stuff but heavy play on Just a Fool from Christina Aguilera's new cd--duet with Blake Shelton--LOVE it

Continue to read: Blogs and cookbooks mostly

May 2013: Have completely fell off on the working out but I do have a new job I'm looking forward to starting.  I read all the Hunger Games books, tried to read A Casual Vacancy, finally watched more things on my Blockbuster queue and am enjoying freegal from the library.  It lets you download a set number of songs a week that the library has access to through the service.  They have a good mix of music even though you won't find everything you are looking for.  However, you can't beat free for that one song that you really don't want to buy from itunes (especially if you're like me and hate all things Apple).  And I'm trying to remember to be thankful and worry less.  I'm better off than a lot of people on earth and things tend to work out even if it takes longer than I want it to initially.  I need to add to my good thoughts jar tonight and quit putting that off.

January 2013: Just finished reading: Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office by Lois P. Frankel.  Was very insightful about how just being somewhat traditional women can inhibit growth in office settings.  Wasn't really geared for counseling work but I did take some things from it.  And I tried to use some of it on my most recent interview but the whole let's share everything about ourselves with each other still trips me up.

August 2012: A Simple Act of Gratitude by John Kralik.  It's a touching book that challenges everyone to find the things we are grateful for and reach out to the people that give them to us.  I reached out to a friend already and hopefully before bed I can jot down a note for my brother and his family so I can mail it tomorrow along with a gift for the girls.  If you feel stuck, burdened down, in a bad place, whatever phrase you want to use--it could be the best thing you read.  I loved it.

Soon to be reading: Who knows, I keep moving the books around and not reading them

Life reboot: New year has made for new perspective even though this week has thrown it off a bit

Weight loss reboot: Under progress

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