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May 10, 2013

Weird Stuff

So yeah been having a busy few days. Well emotionally busy anyway.  I think I need to disconnect from some more networks longer than I did.  I was off of one of them most of the day yesterday and it felt better to just be in my head.  And I took a mommy break too which was helpful.  She seemed to get that I needed some space too which helped.  Everyone is right in that I need a more formal break but yeah it's hard to get one that won't put her in a bit of debt which I am trying to avoid in case she really does have to be on her own at some point in the future.  I don't really see that happening in most scenarios but I plan for the what ifs along with reality at the same time.   

I was offered a chance to teach one more class before I leave but I don't know if I'll take it or not.  It would force me to be here until the second week of July which wasn't my plan.  I don't want to be rushing towards unpacking right before my new job starts BUT I could use the check right before I leave.  It's very ill timed actually.  I don't want to be grading papers right before I either drive out or fly out either.  Even though the money from class could pay for tickets.  I'll think it over for the weekend and then let them know on Monday.  

The Voice wrapped up it's first week of public voting with some "issues" but everyone I wanted to make it through save Karina made it so right now I'm happy.  Shakira and Adam seemed genuinely flummoxed about eliminating someone but it seemed to come from a good place not just stalling for time.  I didn't agree with Shakira's decision obviously cause she booted Karina but it is what it is.  Please watch next week with me if you didn't this week.  If for no other reason than Adam is adorable.  Speaking of adorable, thanks to Lauren at Filing Jointly I had to morph Adam and I to see what our cute mocha latte baby would look like.  The little girl looked like an elf, a hairy elf at that, but isn't our son just the sweetest.  K the hair is a little strange but look at those dimples.

I think I mentioned last post that my teaching schedule got updated for the fall so now I only have to teach three days a week instead of five like I was before. Will allow me to do the day of private practice work that I wanted without working into the night which rocks.  Just gotta get licensed which means dealing with my old boss for one thing but provided he's a stand up guy it won't be a huge issue.  If he's not then well it means that something else is in store for me that I can't control just yet.

I keep getting hit on by non Black men which is just odd for me.  I have nothing against interracial dating as clearly I would hop Adam's bones in a heartbeat.  It just hasn't happened much in my 37 years and for so many to happen in a rush when I know I am looking a mess is funny lol.  Especially since none of them are meeting me in a professional circle to even have a clue what I do when I'm not running errands.  I guess it means I'm no longer giving off sad and desperate.  Now if I was just giving off Ray or Adam come call me that would be even more better.

K I'm gonna try to finish reading the book I started and get ready to take the trash out in the rain more than likely.

See ya


  1. Grading papers... I know what that's like. Officially it's my holiday, but in reality it's nothing but a week of staring at test papers. If they were all straight A's, I'd gladly call this a week off, but the fact is they're not, and I can't help but wonder if I should've guided some students a bit more. Well, I'm sure you know the feeling.

    Interracial dating... the story of my life. Maybe it's because I'm mixed blood myself. :)

    A new job. That's wonderful.

    1. Oh yeah if they were all great students grading is so much easier but yeah that's rarely the case. Dating in general is scary to me. I am pretty sure I suck at the whole dating thing.