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May 25, 2013

Radio Free Pecan Pie

Sorry for the radio silence everyone.  I have a very annoying skin condition that flares up randomly and can be incredibly painful.  Well I got a new one in a new location for me and it impacted my ability to finish my wash day and write back to you without wincing and dropping multiple f bombs.  I tried another tactic today and at least I'm able to right.  I had to rewash my hair and after taping up the offending area and applying some cortisone to the area I spent 90--yes that's right 90--minutes detangling my hair mostly dealing with annoying knots that came about from not having finished the wash day several days back.  All I did tonight was detangle, twist and put each section on a flexi-rod as I was able to move through them.  I will revisit them again tomorrow with another layer of conditioner and seal it up properly.  Between the lingering pain in my arm, the temperature in the house and the effort of moving through my hair I was literally sweating when I was done.  However, as I was moving through all of my hair I noticed that the multicolored was worse than I thought.  Especially if you lift up a section here or there and then you get this massive shock of gray.  Ahh freaking hair.  I think the poll expires sometime tomorrow (technically later today) and right now ombre is winning.  If you would like to get in on the voting here's your last opportunity.  Click HERE RIGHT HERE to look at the photos of the hair color options I've included in the poll.  Sorry no photos today, I was dumbfounded by the knots and hair loss.

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