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May 3, 2013

So in our daily dose of random..

I have been doing these longer drying times with my hair the last two weeks.  I let the hair totally dry without doing a thing to it and then hit it with my leave ins and detangle and style.  Surprisingly it seems as though I've lost less hair doing it this way which is a win for me and my hair seems to take less time drying the second time after it's set.  The other thing I've noticed is my hair is BUSHY at the roots with nothing on it.  It's not a good example of where my hair would be if I chopped it all off but woo it's thick.  And don't worry I'm not in a rush to do more than snip the ends.  It's taken almost two years to get it from my ears/neck and thinned out to my shoulders and much thicker.  I'm debating what to do with it before I leave as I try to find a hairdresser where I'm moving to.  And if it keeps holding up I think the upcoming relaxer planned for the end of this month will be pushed to June.  Maybe first week of June just in case we decide to braid it up for that transition time.  Who knows, I'll talk to my hairdresser about that.  I am so gonna miss her, she's a good friend and great stylist.  Ahh growing pains.

While I was mid drying time I had to run out and grab some things for mom and get a present for my nieces weighed at the post office so I could mail it to them along with mom's presents for them.  I should go there more often when I'm looking a hot mess (to me anyway).  In what has to be randomness squared whenever I head to the post office and I'm not looking my best and am feeling kinda frazzled I get hit on.  Unlike normal however, this guy was cute and younger.  If he hadn't been smoking and I had shaved my legs this millenia I may have hopped on in his car and hung out for the rest of the day.  Instead I took his number and may call him today or tomorrow.  He was adorable and our names would provide a total sing songy thing.  Yes I normally hate that on other people but he got a cute pass lol.

Okay off to finish doing nothing and downsizing things for the move when I get motivated to do so.  Have a great day everyone.

And just because I forgot to add it during the first post here's the list of blogs participating in the Creative Girl blogging challenge.


  1. Such a cute blog! You have a new follower now. :)
    So how many weeks post relaxer are you? I'm at 9 weeks now. I haven't mastered long stretches yet and trying to figure out what to do with my hair. I may go ahead and relax at 10 wks though.


    1. I'm ten weeks now and tend to relax around 12 or 14 weeks if I can help it. I do a lot of flexirod sets or faux buns right about now. My roots are screaming at me but the rest of my hair is still playing nice. Glad you like the blog. I'll be popping over to check yours out as soon as I forage for food.