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May 7, 2013

We Are Sparta or at least Sparkly

The title would be totally right sans sparkly if this was 100 posts from now (movie nerd moment there in case you haven't seen 300 go watch it.  Kinda kick ass movie if you like epic battles people have no chance of winning and hot sticky buffed men doing said fighting.  Go ahead and look for a photo, I'll wait.  Told you he was pretty.  You good? Ok let's move on).  However, this is post 200 so not quite right.  Still wanted it to be special though so YEAH post 200.

There is not a lot going on to tell you so here will be some snippets of things that I've garnered over the last 199 posts.

  • I'm amazed how much I have learned about my hair and that I still am actually interested in doing anything with it.
  • I am also dumbfounded how much I enjoy not using heat on my hair and what I can do with it until like week 10 post and it goes all willy nilly on me.
  • There are a lot of people with a similar passion or disturbance as you choose to think about it and they are a great support system to have.
  • That I really like food but only some foods but those I can jazz up in a billion and one ways and will continue to do so.
  • That I tend to bake in spurts and when I'm really stressed out for some reason.  I then either eat too much or completely ignore it.
  • That the weight loss kick comes and goes and I really need a semi lazy trainer to live in one of the spare bedrooms and kick me in the butt.
  • Being a grown up with my mother is both painful and hilarious.  It's great when what I suggest works but it's totally a pain when she acts like a four year old that I can't spank.
  • There are a lot of funny people that don't talk about hair at all and that's great.
  • I suck at flirting.  I've only texted cute guy once and now I think it's too late.
  • I may have finally gotten my insomnia under control but my body is seriously only sleeping like six hours unless I force it to go back to sleep.
  • I got a new schedule for new job and now it's even more better than it was (at least in my brain) so I am even more in love than I was before.
  • We really should be required to have a yearly purge of crap that we no longer need and/or want and/or use because this purge has been fantastic in locating lost things and freeing up a ton of other stuff I really don't need anymore.
  • I still have very mixed emotions about my ex.  I can't quite hate him but Lord thinking about him sometimes makes me QUITE PISSED.
  • I love sports way more than some women but not enough to start a whole new blog to compete with another blog.
  • I love THE VOICE, Adam is so adorable.  Ahhhh Adam Levine.  I'd so convert.
  • There was no mouse in the house.  Which is good but I have all these mouse repelling sensors in the house now.  I guess they will move with me.
  • So happy the Heat lost tonight, all is right in my universe.
  • I'm way more sentimental than I thought I would be.
  • I have a ton of pictures I need to sort through Lord.
  • I'm getting old lol
  • I still have goals to reach in my hair and personal life and those will come to pass too
  • Oh yeah Jinxx Monsoon won Drag Race--eat that bitches 
  • EDITS cause you know I was gonna think of more stuff after I slept
    • I will watch tennis more than most humans I know.  I really really really hate Roger Federer.  He's a great player but he's boring and annoys me.
    • I used to, and periodically still do, want to be a sports commentator just so I can say athlete names that are weird.  Tennis is full of them but so is baseball and football.  Really who wouldn't want to say Nomar Garciaparra on a regular basis when you stretch it out all weird.  Or learn how to properly pronounce tennis players names?
    • I'm kind of creeped out by all the new cast members on Y&R that used to be on the Nick drama Hollywood Heights.  Especially since two of them were dating on HH and are now siblings on Y&R.
    • I really want a huge sloppy burger but have no desire to make it or pay for it right now.  I really wish Chili's delivered lol.
    • I have a ton of crafty things I've bought from Hobby Lobby over the years and really need to work on completing any of them.  Well some I can't cause they will always be added to.
    • I used to think my family conspired against me with their birthdays (start in March) and random holidays (that don't end until June with a straggler in August). It goes in order, Mom's birthday, Mother's Day, brother's birthday, Father's Day, his wedding anniversary and my SIL's birthday.  My nieces have birthdays in February and October but they are cute and had no control over that (yes I realize the others didn't either) so they don't get included in the conspiracy.
    • I really hope Andy Murray loses this match cause I hate him too but for totally different reasons.
    • K enough again for now.
I may edit some more but right now I think that's enough.  


  1. Girl you are crazy! LOL! Btw I saw 300...good stuff! :) I agree on the yearly purge too. I sure would benefit from that!

    1. Yeah I'm a little goofy lol and yes 300 was a good movie.