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May 18, 2013

Super Saturday Part 2

Today is usually pretty rough for me because I'm missing my dad a LOT.  Today is the 12th anniversary of his death and it was hitting me hard because I'm in transition right now and he was always such a great support when that was the case.  He'd be calling me by horribly embarrassing nickname that I will never ever repeat mostly because it was Asian and no one knows what it is but because that was our thing too.  I was admittedly moody as hell most of the day.  I woke up late, mom was annoying me even though it wasn't her fault, and I was really trying to figure out how to hide from the remaining hours in the day.  HOWEVER, running out to get the lottery tickets so she could prayerfully win the powerball, buy a house in Texas and mostly live there (oh if wishes were unicorns lol) actually jump started my day.  I came back mowed the front and back yard in between filling out her annual paperwork for another disability payment, showered cause I was a nasty sweaty damn near having an asthma attack mess when I came inside, watched youtube to figure out how to use our trimmer to do some edging tomorrow, ate dinner, watched the Knicks lose (YES!!!!) and now I'm chatting with you all.

I also got some paperwork I needed to make sure that I actually HAVE a job in the fall.  I hate doing background checks because I'm always suddenly worried that when I'm asleep I secretly morph into another human that has a criminal background and still uses my SSN.  Ok that's pretty far fetched I know but you would be surprised how many places I've lived when people have sworn I was someone else they really know and love and get offended when I forget who they are like I really have a split personality and I'm the only one that doesn't know.  Not kidding on that one.  April was apparently a clone when I was living in Indiana before.  Never met her but she was awesome and adorable if she looked like me lol.  See I'm laughing that's a good thing.  And I talked to my brother and his munchkins--who I mostly understand but seriously we need small human translator phones.  I'd totally upgrade for that feature.

I also relaunched the poll in the last post and I'm going to include the code here too in case you somehow missed it.  The votes are split the way they were before but I think with new people voting lol.  Have a good one and if you like your dad hug him for me.  Unless he's dead in which case do not hug him just think of him and smile.

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