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March 2, 2013

Post Interview Notes & First Setback

I'll start with the interview stuff first.  Even though the drive was slightly a pain and the trip was exhausting it felt like a great interview.  Everyone responded well so we'll see how that one goes.  I was walking all over campus in heels and my feet are still killing me after 6 or so hours of standing on my feet and trekking around on concrete.  Gave me lots of exercise but was a pain for real for real. 

While the length is coming I noticed something right before I left for the trip.  There was a thinning patch along one edge.  It's gotten slightly larger the more something rubs against it.  It can still mostly be hidden by the length of my hair but that was traumatizing to say the least.  I've started rubbing castor oil and Gro-Aut oil on it when I can and generally not wrapping my hair in a way to stress the hairline more than I have to.  So no more strange machinations to the hair or pushing the limits with dye and heat for a while.  Cause really before that the hair line wasn't fantastic but it wasn't just MIA.  I guess this will force me to not pull my hair back in a few weeks either as my fall back hair do.  I also guess it's a good thing I haven't totally used up my Gro-Aut oil either lol.  And since I know I have to attend to the hair line I'm actually diligently working on spot in the back that is normally subject to the most pressure.  I've also been back on my moisturizing and sealing kick too.  I have been very lucky in the last 20 months that this is the first major issue and that there are ways around it getting worse (hopefully) and that I know my hair can grow as it has proven in the past.  This may make me step up the wig game too if I can find one that won't put more stress on my edges as it comes back from bye bye land.  I'll take photos on Sunday on wash day.


  1. Oh no, I've come back from a bald spot in the crown area of my head. My mother has lost her edges so I know how it can be. Sure hope they grow back. Look forward to pics.

    1. Just posted the photo and the photos don't look as bad as the right side of my hair does to me. The left side looks better in person than the photo too. It's weird. They've grown I just need to be more dedicated to working on maintaining my edges as I have been with the rest of my hair.