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March 10, 2013

Air Drying a Bit Before Roller Time

So of course I've been watching the patch of honor and was slightly shocked to see all this gray hair in the area that I thought was mostly bare.  Looking at the photos from last week evidence was there that there was some hair.  I just have to keep working on it and nursing it back to health.  I remixed and strengthened the oil mix I had used before but stopped.  Still have plenty of Gro-Aut oil to use for a while longer too since I don't use that much per application.

I prepooed for a while, a few hours, with no heat before washing it out after I watched Once Upon a Time and made dinner.  I only deep conditioned for about 20 minutes because it's so late and I want to give my hair a chance to be dry before I need to do anything major tomorrow.  Grades are all in and other than mom throwing her normal I didn't get to go shopping tantrum and my logic is faulty about things that don't matter moment, it's been a nice quiet weekend.  I hope to get back on track with the sleep tonight.  I bought some sleep aid Friday that I hope successfully knocks me out later on after the curlers are in place.

Here's this week's photo and I'll try to keep them up to date each week.  Oh and yeah screw the weigh in for this week.  I went off the rails because my sleep and eating schedule were out of whack entirely.


I closed out this post and then went to detangle my hair.  When I was done with my SECOND comb through I realized I hadn't put in any of my leave ins.  Doh.  I added them all and then did the third comb through--still just a few strands lost there so happy about that.  I managed to roll all my hair on flexirods in less than 20 minutes and hit the damaged spot with oil before putting on my scarf.  All done for the night I think.  I do realized last week that part of my dryness could have been do to lack of my kimmaytube leave in.  Oh well, rectified that tonight.  Now it's time for tv and maybe a late snack.


  1. I do love that KT leave in also I just HATE mixing stuff!!! #SoLazy!

    1. I keep everything except the aloe vera juice in the same spot so when I need to mix it's a quick grab. And now that I eyeball it more than measure I make up enough for two weeks so I don't go ughhhh not again when I need to mix it up lol

  2. Can't wait to see your flexi set!