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March 16, 2013

Baby It's 3 AM and I'm Crocheting

First let me give some love to Matchbox 20 for writing a catchy tune that I totally bastardized to give you that blog title.

And yes I know this will say 4AM central time when I post this and it should.  At 3AM when I figured I should make the most of my insomnia I grabbed my Teach Yourself to Crochet kit that I bought in December to well teach myself to crochet.  The book has lovely diagrams that mean nothing to someone who is not use to crocheting or knitting.  The first two videos I watched on youtube gave me some ideas on how to hold my needle and how to make an easy slipknot.  However, they kept getting to the pull and loopy thing in such a way that I was feeling slightly stupid and was getting ready to give up.  Then I found the video below which instead of saying pull over and through said hey pull the left side over the right side and boom got your desired stitch.  NO FREAKING IDEA why that tidbit of information helped out so much but Lord knows without it I'd be ready to figure out how to knit the lovely crimson and cream yarn into something with something as soon as I figured out what it was.  Here's the video. 

I did it enough times that I created a chain but of course I'm super slow right now to get it done right and haven't developed the next stitch.  A tiny bit of accomplishment and no more tolerance for frustration tonight means no mas on the crocheting tonight/today.

I did want to say that the spot is feeling fuzzy like unrelaxed baby afro hair lol.  We'll see how it looks on wash day.  I think that's it for now.

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