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March 23, 2013

Interview Dread and Working It Out

My insomnia is not my bestest friend.  In fact it is quite annoying.  Last night I thought exhaustion was winning again but after about four hours of sleep I was up and couldn't get back to sleep for the rest of the morning.  I fell back asleep mid morning but it was annoying as it threw off my day.  I ended up doing what I had planned, just like yesterday when a similar but not quite the same sleep interruption happened.  Grades are in for both of my classes and no one is yapping about them so tomorrow morning one class will get final grades submitted and the others have nearly a week to get the next batch in.

In the interim I have to whip together a presentation about my past research and future research plans even though the position I'm interviewing for has no research component to it.  Just a lot of teaching.  Considering the fact that I haven't taught in a while at a traditional college and don't have an active research line of my own I am very flattered to have been invited.  The travel times, my sleep issues, my tummy issues, all have my fearful about how this trip will end up working out especially since I have to be on the road at 6AM for the return trip because I'm an hour away from the airport and I have to return the rental car.  Other than the research presentation the interview day looks just the same as the others.  I'm not wearing the cute girl shoes cause there's enough walking, even in the building, that my feet would be on fire by the end of it.  And there's dinner involved too unless of course I can't pretend to keep awake and then I'll try to beg off of it.  That probably won't happen but eh.  Plus it must be some sort of kismet since of the interview days the only option I had that would really work is the day my class has ended so I am not scrambling to have anyone fill in.  I think I'm just burnt out on interviewing.  I would like someone to make an offer so I know what I'm doing and can make my reservations to go see my brother later this year.

On another note I'm feeling pretty good about the working out.  I told you all about the young woman that was so overweight they couldn't get her out of the house while it was on fire.  That and seeing Louie Anderson in a wetsuit lit a fire under my lazy behind.  I've worked out every night I didn't have class since Saturday.  Five workouts as of tonight and my poor neglected piggy bank on the Wii Fit finally logged 20 hours and turned silver.  I've done at least 30 minutes each night but tonight I was struggling.  I'm going to attempt to work out again tomorrow since I'll be traveling Sunday and Monday.  I'll be home again on Tuesday but depending on the walking around on Monday I may skip it.  I'm trying to decide if I want to take movies or books with me.  I have two massive layovers in Atlanta and it is one of the few airports that AT&T doesn't have free hotspots in and I am so not paying for boingo when it has such spotty connections.  I'll figure it out tomorrow when I'm packing I'm sure.  And just because I probably won't blog about The Voice starting again on Monday.  It starts again on Monday.  Still tres disappointed there will be no Christina or Cee-lo this season especially as I don't like Shakira and Usher is only tolerable.  We'll see how they do.  Hoping dinner doesn't run late so I can see all two hours of Adam in his yummy goodness.

Okay enough babbling.  If I don't post this soon it will be Saturday lol.

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