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March 4, 2013

Randomness of an Insomniac

I turned off my computer at midnight.  I was prepared to go to sleep and enjoy my nightly crazy dreams but yeah that didn't happen.  After an hour or so I gave up and started watching Puss In Boots.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was based on what folks said BUT it wasn't nearly as good as it could have been.  The two cats together funny, everyone else eh could have done without.  After it was over I did my random "let's watch the end of this movie" thing.  Really glad I haven't sat through the entire Think Like a Man movie.  Parts could be endearing but I think I'd rip my eyeballs out if I had to watch the whole thing.  And I realized two things tonight too.  I like Gabrielle Union as a human but as an actress she tends to annoy the piss out of me in EVERYTHING.  And I don't care WHAT Sir Ben Kingsley does I heart him.  If I could have an old royal British stepgrandfather it would so be him.  I'm not sure where he would have met either of my grandmothers but that reality moment is not in keeping with him being in the family.  I was watching the end of the movie I kept wanting to call The Jackal but that's with Bruce Willis.  It was about a cartel leader nicknamed The Jackal but was really called The Assignment.  I've tried to watch John Carter like six times and I just can't pay more attention than a horny teenage boy with free run of his big brother's porn stash.  Ultraviolet wasn't that bad either but I think I like movies in which a skinny woman is the savior of the free world and is also freakishly not human in some way.  I've watched Diane Lane do some horrible acting in a few movies lately but that some how made her more endearing to me lol.    The Kama Sutra: Language of Love movie and The Oxford Murders were good (not staring Diane Lane).  Bitter Feast was creepy but interesting.  Rachel Getting Married was pretty good too.  I've seen most of the last ones all the way through but I was trying to remember another one I saw that I couldn't remember and was trying to tell you the name but it's not on the scroll lol.

The only thing I will say Think Like a Man did for me was make me remember how much I enjoyed living with my ex.  Even with the issues and stress that was perpetual because of his ex, it was nice to have someone to share the load with, make pizza with, watch tv with and rub my back when I was tired and stressed or sad or whatever the hell I was.  There's weird crap on tv right now I swear.  And I'm hungry.  I want a steak or a skewer of shrimp or really particular panini.  I did manage to stop by the store and grab some flavored vodka to use in the cocktail recipes I slammed into my self constructed cookbook lol.  And I put a skirt steak in a garlic marinade that can be cooked later today or tomorrow.  I took my hair down to run to the store and so far spot isn't growing, just maintaining.  I rerolled it since I only used four last night to keep my ends tucked away.  That went smoothly too.  Okay enough rambling.  Gonna finish blog trolling and then try bed again.

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