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March 15, 2013

My name is Southern Girl and I'm addicted to the ID channel

Okay folks it's the middle of the night again and I'm hooked watching my favorite channel.  Investigation Discovery was launched a year or two ago and it's like my crack.  If it was on a lower tier on the cable I would save a ton of money (I'd piss mom off too cause her westerns come on this tier lol) but it's not and I can't ween myself off of it.  Sometimes they repackage stories for new shows but they are done well and I love them.  I'm bad hat when I'm really pulled into a story I'll look it up while the show is on to find out what happened.  I mean I know something bad happened--nothing happy is going to come from most of these stories except maybe the killer is captured quickly.  I love it though, it's not even a guilty pleasure it's just pleasure.  I like forensic type shows but no real desire to do that kind of work cause Lord knows I'd get too involved in others and be trying to get folks locked up forever.  This is a safe distance for me lol.  If you're remotely interested in that kind of thing PLEASE check it out but don't blame me if you can't turn it off.

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