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March 17, 2013

Today was a Good Day

Since we had Matchbox 20 this morning, here's a Ice Cube clip for the evening.

The insomnia was still winning but I didn't sleep as late as I could have.  I got up eventually and made sure everything got in the mail.  I fell back asleep cause I got a migraine that wouldn't stop--only for a nap though.  I got up and made the rest of the delicious fajitas I had marinating.  I graded the papers for my large class, I'll do the smaller class in the morning.  I have started washing clothes cause yeah all the cute lady gear is dirty.  I finally got off my lazy butt and worked out for a full 34 minutes after I put on my new sports bra.  Thanks to glamorise and Amazon for hooking me up.  All of my past sports bras have just created that huge uniboob and a few good workouts and washes later they are useless when you get to my cup size.  This one is fitted to your actual cup size and that whole no bounce in the title TOTALLY holds up.  I love this bra.  My chest never ever felt like it was in the way and when you get to my cup size that's a MAJOR accomplishment.  Click here if you would like to see it at the Glamorise website.  Or you can search for
Glamorise Women's No Bounce Full Support Sport Bra at Amazon or any other site you can get a hookup with.  EDIT: had to come back to add if you were looking for this bra, which at 27 on amazon isn't a bad deal that there's a slightly better one on right now.  Freshpair.com is currently running a promotion that gives you 20 percent off whatever you order as long as you give them your email address.  The bras on the site are 25.19 or so unless you are in the big girl cups like myself which made them the same price on Amazon but with 20 percent off that made each bra 21 bucks or so WITH FREE SHIPPING.  Yeah free shipping.

Oh and if anyone wants the marinade it's below:

About half a bunch of fresh cilantro
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup lime juice
1 tablespoon of Simply Asia Sweet and Spicy Hibachi seasoning blend--if you can't find it any mix of semi spicy blend would work

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