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March 20, 2013

No Snazzy Title

Today was more productive than I planned it to be.  I went to sleep at a reasonable hour last night which has so not been like me lately.  Which means I woke up at a reasonable hour, not intentional and since I didn't have anything to do I went back to sleep for a while.  But I got up piddled around for a bit, graded papers, and managed not to overeat which was good.  I did have some peanut butter cups cause I love them but now I'm all out.  I haven't had my ice cream either and I'm trying to hold on so I'm not indulging in that right now lol.  And at 9:30 after my food had time to properly digest, I booted up the Wii after inviting mom to join me.  35 minutes later I had done three rounds of 10 minute free steps (964, 1030 and 1068 steps each round respectively) and 5 minutes of strength training to let me cool down.  It was great to work up a good sweat and that makes three workouts in four days which feels good too.  I'll probably skip tomorrow because I have to teach tomorrow night but after that I should be back on it until I get out of town for another interview.  I'm going to try to do a few minor things on Monday night after it's over but not sure on that since I have to be on the road at 6 to get back to the airport for my flight.  But I also shouldn't have time to overindulge on the road either.  This one is for a teaching position so I'm thoroughly excited but not sure what to expect since I've never done this kind of interview EVER.  Okay I'm done babbling now.  I need to M&S before I pass out since I got all sweaty.


  1. Bed at a reasonable hour? You mean people actually do that? Huh, who'd have thunk it.

    1. Ha, it only happened once. Was up till 6 the next night.