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March 18, 2013

Wash Day Fun Day

Not sure how long this will be.  I mentioned yesterday that the thinned off edge was feeling fuzzy and it still was this morning before I ran a few errands.  I didn't start on my hair until late because the insomnia was still working and I was darting in and out while making dinner and mom's Black Walnut ice cream.  Here's what the area looked like dry.  It's try to fight back and I'll keep applying my oils while it needs it.

I didn't take a photo of it while it was wet because I was being lazy but wash day went well.  I prepooed for about three hours.  The last thirty minutes of which was during my workout for the day.  I don't feel sore but I can tell where the yoga/strength training areas are and my calves are definitely reacting to the step aerobics.  Not in a bad way, everything feels like it's trying to tighten up which is a blessing.  Here are photos of hair loss during the prewash finger detangle, then the post wash detangle and the little tiny bit that shed while I was setting my hair.  And I have to say there were nearly no tangles and the comb went through my hair like hot butter.  Was a good quick process.

I read an article last night that reaffirmed my need to quit being a lazy ass and get back to work so I can take those pinup photos I want for my birthday.  The women in my family are all overweight and while they are living to ripe old ages a few are in pain and dragging a bit.  I don't want to be 400 pounds in my 80s cause I stayed lazy.  Anyway back to the article.  A young woman died in a house fire because she was too heavy to easily get out of the house.  The parents escaped the fire.  Rescue crews saved two of the three children but at 500 pounds the young woman was too heavy to get out of a window and by the time they could get her out of one of the doors she had inhaled too much smoke and died.  Yeah I know I'm not 500 pounds but I also don't want to get there because of stress eating, being inactive or anything else.  I will likely never be 150 pounds again but even 200 would be an improvement on where I am now.  So as many was as I can work it out I will try to exercise at least every other day and more when I am not consumed with anything else which as this stage nothing else should be that consuming.  Plus it will help to not be between pants sizes as I really hate having to accommodate my behind when everything else is too big lol.  I did make myself a batch of ice cream as well BUT none of it late and none of it on days I refuse to work out.

How was your weekend people?

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