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January 31, 2013

Insomnia I wish I hardly knew ye

Okay you have been super warned.  This is going to be the most random of random posts.  Clearly it's after midnight again as I'm posting.  My sleep cycle is all jacked up because I haven't go anywhere to be in the morning.  At least for the moment.  I have one interview confirmed and just had the phone interview for another position on Tuesday afternoon.  It actually went the whole hour which is different for me as I talk really fast.  But in this situation I wasn't, it was nice and relaxed--there were only two people on the call which could have helped.  Either way, I'll find out in a few weeks if I'm going on to the next stage.  I think I had stressed myself out cause I was having some random chest pains and that sucked but after the interview I felt much better.  And after escaping another bout of massive rain storms and potential for tornadoes I got out and about for a bit to buy groceries, printer paper and mail back the adorable but too freaking small shoes I bought.  Mom annoyed me but that's nothing new.

My hair is doing well.  Mom thinks I need to dye it before the next job interview and I'm considering relaxing early since I will be around 11 weeks posts before I fly out.  Or I may just go by the shop like I planned and see if she can't bun me up or something to get me through the trip and save the relaxer for when I planned on it.

I finally watched enough of a Twilight movie to say I watched it.  Kinda confused on what the whole hype is about still but it wasn't horrible.  The book made me want my money back but the film was paced evenly enough so I didn't have to beat anyone.  And now I'm up watching something on the Suicide Girls which feels like this weird combination of sexy gothy vintage rockabilly slightly creepy.  I remember being slightly fascinated by them when I first heard about them because it seemed kinda cool.  They keeping saying going pink which I guess is a good thing as she's been invited to the club.  They totally embrace themselves so that's great.  If more of us did that all of the time we might be having more fun more of the time.  I don't see very many with pigment but that could be because we don't know about them or it doesn't resonate the same way.  I love aspects of them seriously but I think my ideal community would be Claire Huxtable meets Donna Reed.  After all I need to be able to afford the cute shoes and fantastic dresses.  I even had a name picked out but then I was actually able to go to sleep and forgot all about it.

I like sleeping it's good for me.  The only good thing is that I can get rest when I'm not working.  The time off is helping me enjoy things a little more.  I still need to work out more than I have been but I'm not eating super late and not over indulging.  If you've made it all the way down here and really didn't care about the other stuff I have a question for you lol.  If you are single, what's keeping you there?  If you're dating, how did the small talk/getting to know you time move to the relationship/dating stage?  If you're married, what are you enjoying about it and what makes your head hurt?  I ask all of that because after 8 plus years of being in two different long term relationships I am very single right now.  A friend is trying to fix me up and initially he was coming on too strong and now between the hints about taking a trip with him this summer (not going on vacation with you dude especially not some where I have no desire to go) and disparaging tennis (I LOVE tennis) he's not doing much better.And I'm wondering if I'm just being hard on him cause I haven't been single very long or if we just aren't clicking.  So share whatever you want about dating.


  1. Twilight is a weird phenomena. It's awful, just awful, but I'll admit I read all four books in about three days. I'm not sure why it was so compelling.

    1. It wasn't weird until Jacob came in to kill the baby but magically fell in love with her and stopped. It's a baby and that's just freaking creepy. Especially up until that morning he would have killed everyone in the house to be with the mom. Yeah that one disturbed me greatly. And I'm a sucker for a tragic overcoming all odds true love is hard kinda story but that twist yeah icky.