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January 22, 2013

Bonjour People

It's been a while since I posted about something relevant to the rest of me besides my free goodies.  Let's see first update--I didn't get the job but the more I thought about it--and this will sound super odd considering how excited I was to get back near family--I am kinda fried with the grind of clinical work.  And there's a level of sharing I'm good with and one that I'm not and at this phase of my life I can't pretend differently just to get the position.  I'm sure whomever they hired is a great fit and I'm sure wherever I end up will be a good fit for me.  And while I was waiting to hear from them I got an email about setting up a phone interview for a teaching position.  HA! I haven't stopped applying for other things and apparently I'm being checked out by at least one other place for a different job based on recent contact I had with a reference.  I'm still looking at places back near home too--that's actually why I was in contact with my reference.  There's still another chance to do some part time work with someone who also left my old company if it can get sorted out.  Regardless I'm feeling good about life and what I'm doing.  I haven't filed for unemployment and may not since I could tap my 401K if needed but I still have my next teaching gigs lined up and I applied for a bunch of other stuff today too.  I'll get back on that tomorrow too.

Hair care routine has been non existent because I really haven't been going anywhere and my hair let me know during the detangling process.  Lots of hair came out but since it hadn't really been fiddled with in days it was to be expected.  Yesterday was wash day and I was going to ask mom to assist with braiding it--well I did but her pulling on my hair made me say stop and I did some odd twists and rolled them up on flexi rods.  Here's photos of what happened, better than I thought it would be but I need to work on getting my hair caught up from the roots.  I couldn't get a good one from the front cause I'm having a hate my smile day and I deleted all of them. 

And just because I think it was super cool--2nd inauguration of President Obama on MLK day.  From never thinking I'd see it in my lifetime to a second term for a brown guy who gets all the pomp and circumstance on the day reserved for another brown guy who sacrificed so much in his life to make these moments possible.  Cool beans.

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