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January 13, 2013

Happy Centennial Founders Day to my Sorors

For those that aren't big on sorority life all of these terms will sound silly.  My sorority sisters are affectionately referred to as sorors.  This year marks 100 years of existence for us.  We were founded at Howard University after the active body of another sorority decided to refocus their energy into different kinds of projects and thus wanted to rebrand themselves as well.  Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc has grown immeasurably since the original 22 trailblazers set out to change the world.  From the Women's Suffrage March through a myriad of opportunities and programs in the years since to today when we are representative of 250,000 plus women who saw a common goal and purpose in the confines of Delta.  I feel incredibly blessed to be a member and my linesisters are fantastic women who keep me inspired.  The elephants are an unofficial mascots that were a collection started by one of our Founders.  If you don't know much about the D9 (Divine 9/historically black fraternity and sororities) sororities and fraternities please check them out.  All 9 of them do great work but each are special to each of us in unique ways.

NPHC is our governing body http://www.nphchq.org/ and there should be links to everyone there.

My sorority has a stellar website up right now as the main site and a site for our centennial year.  http://www.deltasigmatheta.org/index2.htm

I love the organization and what we've been able to accomplish.  It has shaped my life in ways I can't begin to explain.  It's just a happy day.  Love ya.


  1. Happy Founder's Day to you! I'm a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. but I love sisterly support among all of the NPHC orgs!

    1. Thanks Ebony, it's been a pretty positive day all around from my Greek friends so I appreciate the love here as well. It's a shame the D9 group on KISS is dead because I'm sure we could network and joke up there a bit too.