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January 3, 2013

Working It Out

So today was a wash with work.  Saw one client at one site, rushed to another to evaluate an emergency, killed 90 minutes waiting on a family member to arrive, went to my final site for the day and half the clients were really not doing well.  Also got a chip in the window that pissed me off lol.  Thankfully my insurance will cover a repair for free if it can just be patched.  Going to take it in to Safelite tomorrow after work.  Going to try to see as many folks and take a nap before heading over to get the patch job.  I don't want it to sit and get worse with the weather going up and down as much as it does.  Then off to interview on Sunday.  I need to roll my hair up cause it fell in my frustration over not working much today.  That and the totally unnecessary fight I had with mom. 

I got out of the house for a bit afterwards, trolled through Hobby Lobby and got myself some takeout.  BUT before I ate it I made myself get up and work out.  I love the Wii because I won't stop working out until the time piggy bank dances which is 30 minutes in at least.  Today was 35 minutes and I could tell I hadn't worked out in a bit.  Will shoot for at least one of the next two days and then try to sneak it in whenever I can again next week even though Monday through Wednesday may be a wash since I won't be in for the night until around 10 each night.  But first work out is done and it felt great.

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