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January 5, 2013

Length Check Updates and Wash Day

Can I just say it was awkward as I don't know what to wash my hair today.  I know WHY I was doing it cause I can't show up tomorrow with my hair in rollers but the whole thing felt off.  A major adjustment to my routine and I can't say I super liked it lol.  However, I did find out why my hair hadn't been feeling a lush and silky after the post wash deep condition.  I wasn't leaving it in long enough the last two washes.  For some reason my brain turned the 15-30 minutes to 5-10 minutes.  Ahh well, I rectified it today.  Hair feels good, I'm at the point my ends start to look a mess but haven't apparently split.  The lack of heat shows up at the tips from hear on in with the stretch.  I remembered to put on my length check shirt today and was pleasantly surprised.  Most of the other shots show my hair barely on the shirt or a long strand or two inching towards the 1st line.  HA, I'm mostly at the 1st line now.  But that is not the goal point so it's just a chance for me to see that this is all for a purpose and it's working.  I made spaghetti for dinner and managed to eat before 10 at night which is good.  I worked out for a bit when I was doing my prepoo with my Hair Therapy wrap but that made my scalp feel like it was melting so I stopped lol.  How's your Saturday going?


  1. The hair is also thicker in this month's shot!

    1. Yeah forgot to mention that. Overall it's doing a lot better than a year ago which could be why I'm taking so many more pictures lately. Thanks for noticing.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I was actually kinda shocked. Not sure why cause it feels longer in the shower but to actually have it ON a line instead of my neck was exciting.