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January 5, 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque Review

Hey guys well gals,

since mom is still throwing her tantrum and I'm a horrible daughter I don't have to go out on 50 million errands before my flight tomorrow.  I'm going to start on my hair soon but I didn't want to do the face scrub afterwards because I didn't want stray face masque in my hair lol.  As I mentioned last week I got a goodie box from Influenster.com again and this was filled with a variety of things.  One of which was the Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie face masque.  I figured I'd give my face the million dollar treatment before the interview.  Here's the photo of the sample that I was sent again.  It's on the right in this photo.

So the instructions on the back informed me to wash my face first and then to apply the face masque.  I used my Neutrogena spinning scrubbing thing to clean my face again and then rinsed well before applying the masque. While it was hard to get out, there was a LOT of masque in the sample to use, the masque is very thick which is a good sign to me.  I almost wished it had been in a different package because there was definitely enough in there for me to use twice.  The photo of me with masque on is below.  The first thing I should say is the smell isn't overwhelming.  It's pleasant but not obnoxious so I'm not worried about it lingering.  The masque needs to sit on for 10-15 minutes and then you rinse it off.  The instructions literally say relax while it's on lol.  You definitely get a tingle on your skin while it's working and everything starts to get a little tighter.  The tingle isn't overwhelming either, it kind of just feels like things are being pulled into the masque to take them off/out of your skin.  The tightening is a bit more apparent.  The relax directive could be because the more you try to move your face the more the masque seems intent on not letting that happen.  Every facial movement is moving the masque a bit lol.  It's been an eon since I've used a facial masque even though I try to stay up on my cleansing regimen in general.  I'm actually still wearing it for another few minutes and it doesn't feel like a peel off masque so I'll let you know about the scrubbing.

So the masque is off now and it wasn't a peel off lol.  But it did flake up easily and came off pretty easily with a face cloth and warm water.  My skin doesn't look dramatically different but it feels nice and refreshed.  The smell of fruit is lingering but not in a way that's bothering me and believe me when I say I have a super sensitive nose so if it was overpowering it wouldn't work for me at all.

Final verdict: Definitely invest in it if you need a good masque.  The 0.7 ounce size easily could work for more than one application especially if you can seal it up or transfer it to an empty clean container.  My skin also feels pretty smooth which is nice as well.  Since I need a good masque this will be a product I go hunting for on my next shopping trip.  The others I saw didn't seem to be doing a whole lot.  I'd love it if this was a peel off cause I'm lazy but that's a small sacrifice if your skin is ultimately gorgeous.  Either way I'm glad this is one of the products that came in the Holiday VoxBox and thanks both to influenster and Montagne Jeunesse.

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