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January 25, 2013

I don't have a good name tonight

So I've been busy looking for jobs, lining up interviews and getting turned down for others.  I'm really ok with most of that.  I got my last W2 (I ended up with 3 this year because of the two main jobs and one side gig) and completed all the info for my taxes to be filed next week.  Return size keeps dropping as my income goes up even a tick but if I do end up relocating I can deduct moving expenses I think.  It's enough to cover sorority dues and put a bit in the bank which is all I'm ever hoping for at this stage. 

Anyway, tomorrow is the next checkin.  I don't feel any heavier but I haven't been working out either as my body fights out random germ after random germ.  I haven't overeaten and I actually have been processing those veggie things that I normally hate.  I made cupcakes for class and only kept the ones that I left in the first place.  I gave the rest of them away to the students or folks at Waffle House cause I really didn't want more than the 18 I had left at home.  I should say 16 because mom killed two of them before I left the house.  And when I've indulged in snacking it's mostly been nuts and my white chocolate covered popcorn.  Yeah that sounds worse than it is.  It's from Popcorn Indiana and is pretty low in calories.  Either way I haven't been stuffing my face with cupcake.  I've had one or two since Wednesday but not much more. 

I was really active a few days ago with the cleaning and washing and still need to work on tossing more things out.  Either way for now things are good, even with the crazy weather.  Finished the grading I needed to do today and no one failed.  And tomorrow they'll get posted tomorrow so I'll get paid for both of those classes next week.  Oh and get this.  I actually took time to watch a movie today lol.  I finally watched In Time with Justin Timberlake and the world of perpetual 25 year olds.  Wasn't at ll what I was expecting which I enjoyed.  I mean there's a part or two that super cliche but really there were some things I didn't predict happening and that's always a thrill for me when I'm watching movies.  It's good enough to add to my collection.  I'm mailing it back to Blockbuster tomorrow to get Immortals next I think.  All in all I'm pretty happy.  How are things out there with everyone?

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