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January 12, 2013

My Hair did NOT like the co-wash & other news

A few posts ago I mentioned I had gotten bad news but really I got unexpected potentially great news.  I've been hating feeling like I'm milking clients for a few more minutes to get enough time to bill for.  My job didn't think I was billing enough and so they decided to let me go.  I was pissed about the timing BUT in reality I still have money coming in from my side hustle, it's almost tax filing time (come on other W2s) and if push comes to shove and I don't find a new job soon I can raid my 401K which is healthier than I thought it might be.  Plus there's that unemployment stuff that I should be able to collect too (not my first option but I'm not stupid either lol.  After I told mom about it, my irritation totally disappeared too and started thinking this could be a blessing in disguise if the other job makes an offer I can leave sooner as opposed to later.  I wouldn't be able to teach the other courses I'm signed up for but an opportunity to do what I love in a situation it may actually have more of an impact and near my family is worth the trade off.  If there is no offer I'm still in the pipeline for other positions and was recruited for another one yesterday.  Either way I'm loving NOT working for my old job right now. 

I did cowash my hair because I was planning to work yesterday and today and didn't want to do it after a long day of work with no gap really.  Since I then heard I wouldn't have to I decided to wrap it and I should have remembered I was seven weeks post.  One side was gorgeous and the other side was a mess.  On the upside I figured out how to do the quicky end tucked ponytail when I took mom to the store last night and today I didn't even bother. I put a scarf on my head and then covered my hair in my hat and matching coat and just went about my business.  Gonna pay more attention to it tomorrow and then work on the part that completely fell off this week.  Not my hair just plans for the week that didn't happen because I was exhausted.

The interview went well I think.  My lack of sharing everything about my personal life with coworkers may bite me in the butt but the fact that I had to wing my powerpoint cause their machine didn't work and the fact that I didn't get lunch really cause the VERY sweet guy kept asking questions lol.  Still waiting to hear a yay or nay and since I was one of two people it very well could be a nay.  However, today I had one of those recollections of a dream and in said dream I had lost a job, saw something funny on the net and within a few days had an offer on a new job that I wanted lined up.  I'll keep my fingers crossed there.  So between the four flights in 40 ish hours, day long interview two full days of work and two nights teaching I was good and tired by Thursday night so there was no working out.  Plus got the blessing/cursed call however you look at it and I was just emotionally spent.  I didn't work out yesterday because I was feeling kinda mopey and today I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  I was dreading my weigh in cause I just knew between dinners and eating on the fly I would have gained weight but to my surprise all that extra walking and what not due to the flights helped maintain the momentum from last week.  4.6 pounds lighter according to my scale.  A little better than two pounds a week so I'll take it.  Next weigh in will be on the 26th and we'll see if I can keep the numbers dropping.  I'm paying attention to what I'm eating and trying not to eat too late.  Work out must reboot.

For now I'm going to keep watching the football game and hope this isn't Ray Lewis' last game UNLESS he's gonna come rescue me from my humdrum life and marry me on Tuesday.  I don't have a fascination with Tuesday it just would be nice lol.

See ya later and welcome new followers.

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