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January 5, 2013

Yeah Me!

This isn't a humble brag but just better management of my life and my emotions.  Mom was still in tantrum mode even though she was doing it on the low key tip lol.  She cooked at some point but by 9 I realized she hadn't knocked on the door, as is our routine, to say hey food is ready.  When I asked she didn't apologize for not saying a word and this is the point that I'd normally go off the rails cause she was just being rude as all get out lol.  Tonight, however, I said okay and hopped in the car to head to Zaxby's.  I let Christina and Blake serenade me the entire trip which was good.  I brought my food in and then booted up the Wii again.  30+ more minutes in tonight.  So far that's a little over an hour for the week and 2 of the 4 days of the month lol.  I did more yoga and strength exercises tonight to loosen up the muscle that got tight from working out yesterday.  But it felt good and I enjoyed it.  I ate later than I wanted to but ehh.  I'll probably stay up later than I want too.  Either way I felt much calmer by the time I was done and now I feel like I should squeeze in another workout tomorrow before I leave for the interview on Sunday.  Tomorrow will be wash day and I'm going to use the Fruit Smoothie face mask I got from Influenster.com.  I would do it tonight but I'm too lazy to take photos.