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January 27, 2013

So Sleep is For Loser Babies

At least some part of my brain must be stuck on that because at 5:30 I am no more tired than when I turned off my computer, I assumed for the night, at least 3 hours ago because the tennis match had not yet started.  As it stands, the tennis match is almost 3 hours in, Novak and Andy have split sets and they remain on serve in the third.  I also watched Beastly because Novak was frustrating me and I was hoping to fall asleep without the sounds of screeching sneakers in my ear.  Alas that has not happened.  Beastly wasn't too bad either.  And much like I did with the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, I was finding the beast side much more attractive than the prince.  Nothing wrong with him at the end but he was more interesting as the cuts and bruises healed as he got to know and appreciate himself and those around him.  If you know the story it's not a surprise how it turns out but it's a cute version.

I don't think I've mentioned it before but I have a skin condition that randomly flares, usually when I'm stressed, and is annoying because there's not a lot you can do about it.  My sweat glands can get infected for lack of a better explanation and it's any of my sweat glands even though it tends to center under my arms and primarily the right arm.  It's called hidradenitis suppurativa (or acne inversa since the swelling stays internal until it either goes away or breaks the skin) and it really didn't bother me till late middle school and HS.  I tend to cover the swelling with band aids because as the skin puffs up it gets hot and the skin on skin contact can become VERY painful.  Painkillers and antibiotics have been on tap the last few days and that may be messing up my sleep too.  Minor interruption here, Novak just won the third yeah baby.  I slept off and on all day today for no apparent reason.  I say today, I mean Saturday.  I'd be up watching tv or reading or something and before I knew it I'd wake up two hours later and would be super confused.  I was also getting overheated which could be a reaction to my body fighting the inflammation.  It's an annoying disorder and short of experimental treatment my only other options are to have the repeatedly infected areas surgically removed.  Doesn't that sound pleasant?

I did wash my hair today.  I'm convinced mom is going to make me leave the house and I really didn't want to be dealing with the birds nest on my head.  I just let it dry straight and rolled the ends up on a flexirod before bed--well yeah haven't quite gotten there yet.  Some hair loss on the detangle but not nearly as much as last week.  I skipped the prepoo again too--last minute wash decisions tend to make me do that.  Minor interruption here again, Murray looks tired as hell right now.  I tried the LOC method today along with my normal 3 comb detangle.  Except I did the cream before the oil.  I do like the new oil mix I bought from Tropic Isle Living.  The exact title is over under the random goodness tab.  I have to change the channel now, I think I jinx Novak when I watch too long lol.

I was thinking earlier that I like to watch sports I'm bad at.  I can't play tennis.  I lost interest in basketball.  And I'm too short to play volleyball after HS--had fun with that though.  I'm probably the same size as most of the divas on WWE but that doesn't seem like the best career option.  And I want to play with football players more than I want to PLAY football.  It's never too late for me to learn how to play tennis I guess.  I should work on adding more things to my self improvement list.

Okay gonna watch Hoodwinked Too and the rest of the match and hopefully I'll fall asleep soon.  Have a good Sunday everyone.

Totally forgot to share the youtube clips I saw tonight that made me bust a gut.  Thanks to Mommy Has a Potty Mouth and Ha Has for Hoo Has for sharing.  Both can be found to the right under life is funny.  One is a response to a nice facebook posting from a feminine hygiene product---I mean aren't you completely intrigued already.

And this one is an epic ASL (American Sign Language) final for class.


  1. That ASL final was amazing! She was very sassy, wasn't she!

    1. Yes she was. She was much more fun than the Lady Gaga ASL clip. But that could be because I like F you more than Bad Romance. Either way it made me feel super lazy and need to brush up on learning another language. English and rusty French isn't good enough. I need to be able to curse at people silently.

  2. girl...... God is going to have to forgive me for laughing so hard at both those videos. Too funny, especially the 2nd one (I sign with my hearing impaired friends and I will be showing them this video). Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you liked it, yeah she was going hard and cracking me up.