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January 20, 2013

Eboost Review--Quickie Ish

Ok so this is the last of the reviews for the Holiday VoxBox I got from Influenster.com.  Eboost looks like a fancy packet of Crystal light honestly.  The packet is just big enough to add to a small ish bottle of matter (about 12 ounces) and then it bubbles up or effervesces for a while before you drink it.  I let it sit a little over five minutes and it was just clear and happy pink lemonade at that point.  I figured since I'd been sick a good pick me up would be fantastic.  And it would be, but this is not it.  There's an odd aftertaste that I really can't explain.  I'd say it was like cold medicine but after having so much of that in the last few days I'm sure that's not the flavor.  It's almost like the fake sugar taste when the packets were first released but I haven't had those in a while either so I can't nail it exactly.  If that taste could be eliminated I'm sure I'd like it more.  The lemonade flavor is tangy and a little tart which I like but this aftertaste keeps it from being something I'm likely going to finish or go purchase.  Another flavor may not have as strong as an aftertaste but this right here is a no go for me.

Overall, I'm glad I was chosen for the VoxBox.  The nails, brush, lip shine, face mask and oatmeal were great big hits.  The shoes were good but run into the same issue for me, found a cute pair or two but my style is so weird and precise what I'm looking for is hard to find online and in stores without paying a mint for.  And this eboost, just not a good flavor thing.  But hey six out of seven is GREAT since it was a total surprise to get it and what would be in it.

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