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January 19, 2013

Another quickie--KISS Nails Review

So the KISS nails are an adorable pattern and I really wanted to like them a whole whole lot.  But applying them was odd even for me.  All the slicks were too long which is supposed to be rectified by filing down the strips to hit your nails.  I may have been impatient but they didn't seem stiff enough to file at all let alone with my cute baby file that was included in the package.  I do have to give them credit though they were wide enough for my nails and covered them well but it felt like it would need more of a clip down not a file.  Great patterns and rather affordable so if you're not a mani/pedi girl and want something cute to adorn your nails or to match a hot outfit these would be your go to products.  Especially if you have aren't easily frustrated lol.

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