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September 5, 2012

And I'm feeling good....

I completely heart Feeling Good, usually no matter who sings it, except JHud.  Her versions of most songs annoy the crap out of me.  Great voice, does TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much most of the time.  Not that I was watching Idol when she got the boot but it was one of the only times I agreed with Simon.  She could be flawless when she learns how to control her range.  If I want folks screaming at me I'll check with Patti Labelle who is at least entertaining for me.  Okay enough of the side tangent.

My hair is doing fine still.  I was thinking I could wash it Friday night but I can't.  Have chapter meeting on Saturday morning and it will so not be dry if I try to wash it Friday night.  So sometime after chapter I'll wash it and set it to dry.  I've been using the Gro Aut Oil and my Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango butter to keep it shiny and moisturized with a final shellacking from my Argan Oil.  My scalp is itching for the wash though.  When my shower is steaming up the joint my scalp starts doing that don't you want to get me wet sensation.  Can't do it--have no blow dryer and the hooded dryer is NOT the business when my hair is super wet.  But biggest surprises are as follows.  My hair on my neck and shoulders IS NOT bothering me anymore.  It's all my hair and man it's such a nice feeling to see and feel that now.  I think when I was wearing weave I always knew I could detach it at any time but short of cutting all this lovely flowing hair off that ain't happening right now.  However, I should write an ode to the weave.  It was part of the first wave of hair growth a few years ago before I got serious about all of this.  Second surprise for me is that it's still looking pretty good post relaxer with just the nightly wraps and every other day or so moisturize and seal.  I'm happy with the stuff growing out of my scalp.  Ha go figure.

I also semi forgot and sneaked in at the last moment on the Lane Bryant BOGO sale yesterday.  For my LB girls you know their pants tend to fit well and hold up for a rather long time.  However, they are RARELY on sale and even then even more RARELY on a buy one get one free moment.  I got 5 pair of pants and a blouse for 185.  Yes I'm usually pretty cheap for as many things as I can be but with work clothes I have to invest or replace more frequently.  30 bucks an item isn't bad though and that's including tax.  So glad I semi remembered at the last minute.  I bought two pair of pants a few weeks ago when they were having a different sale (free shipping too) but didn't realize how many of my now 5 year old pants were saying give me free lol.  And I kept them in my standard color schemes to mix well with my tops and other items in my wardrobe.  The day before I probably wouldn't have bought it but after indulging in my food processor finally I said, rightfully so, I hardly ever indulge in items for myself so let's be mindful of what we need for ourselves.

Random highlights that don't require my brain to make whole sentences:
  • Mailed out the dvd to my Lots and Lots of Thanks post winner
  • Mailed out 12 or so new additions to the Thank You project which generated another two or three people that need to be added to the list
  • Watched Mirror Mirror with Lily something and Julia Roberts---LOVED IT
  • Stepped on the scale yesterday trying to check on something totally unrelated and without any effort I'm down 5 pounds 
  • And I had a kick ass day at work and a decision to make about more work, my initial impulse is no but I want to sleep on it
And that's it for today boys and girls.  Have a GREAT night and fabulous rest of your week!

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