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September 19, 2012

Your Results May Vary

I am having a good day.  Didn't get to see all of my clients but it wasn't a wash of a day.  I feel like I'm making good connections with them and the social workers/directors of nursing in each facility.  I heard back from the private practice opportunity and will look forward to chatting with her sometime first week of October probably since we're both busy the next few weeks.  I have the interview out of town next weekend ish and still not sure that's what I want ultimately even though it would let me get somewhat closer to the family.  And this morning I got a call.  I get to teach a class next month and maybe in November too.  Either way I'm feeling better about my October than I was last week lol.  And to top it all off I heard back about my Zune and its ultimate fate.  It was the hard drive and it is nevermore.  But they can replace it easily and may have already done that if the shipping notice from Paypal is correct.  They tested everything else too to make sure it's working properly and while the down button that has been bonked for who knows how long is not working if you just scroll down with a light touch it works just fine.  They said they could fix the whole front panel where the button is but that seemed excessive if everything else is working fine.  Hundred bucks later and my red baby is headed back to me ready to be loaded with all of my music and help make my drives much more fun for me.  I may take a photo of it when it comes back since I've talked about it so much and it's coming back red and black instead of red and silver cause the back casing died a painful death in the repair.  Okay so I don't know if electronics feel pain but you get my point.  And I tried the steak and bacon flatbread melt at Sonic today.  It was quite tasty but I could probably scrap the bacon.  I think I'll make it home one day with a touch more barbecue sauce.


  1. Waiting to see the pictures of your sweet Zune

    1. Posted a few earlier today now that it's back and working.