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September 13, 2012

Overstressed and overtired

I have to start off with this, I LOVE the clients that I get to see on my new job.  I do not LOVE the company I'm working for.  There has been so much confusion and turnover since I started working or them in July (read it's still early September and I was only doing a day a week in July) that it's making my head hurt.  Then I get a frantic call about something two days ago that JUST resolved itself this afternoon and not in my favor.  All while trying to coerce me into driving several hours each day to cover an area that isn't covered for them.  Driving through town is enough when I'm covering several parts of town as it is, hitting the road for a trek and then trying to do what I do is not even on my radar.  I have a job interview later this month that I was feeling guilty about because as I stated before I LOVE my clients.  However, I also see why the turnover with this company has been what it is.  If I can find something else I'll probably take it.  After seven years of not getting what I needed out of my job, I can't do that again.  And I was feeling very good about everything last week.  It's amazing what a few days can do.  This could mess up my teaching options for a while but I have to trust that things will sort themselves out the way they need to.  Now off to nurse on this headache that had momentarily abated.

Edited to add: I need to be grateful that I'm still employed and have options for other employment.  I may not end up doing what I want to do what I can end up doing more than I am currently doing now.  I just have to stay focused and remember that this too shall pass.

Edited to add one more thing: my poor Zune has been received by the repair company.  They'll let me know if it can be salvaged over the next week.  Pray for my red buddy lol.

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