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September 22, 2012

Very Busy Day=Wash Day Delayed

I could have washed my hair yesterday but I was having some hitchawheniwanna kinda pain yesterday that threw me up under the bed it felt like.  And this morning I had to get up early to go be a good sorority girl.  We had our youth mentoring kick off and I'm glad we have bodies but I think we need a few more to make it a good year for everyone.  Even though I was surprised to see so many boys there when this is the first year we're doing a more intensive program with them.  Anyhoo, had to run a few errands and then headed home.  I'm debating making ice cream or taking a nap.  If I do the first the ice cream will be ready before I wake up from my nap.  If I don't I may break the machine cause I fall asleep while it's blending.  Sleep feels like it's going to win.

I also got my Zune back yesterday and had to spend SEVERAL hours reloading all the cds back on it but the hard drive isn't making that I'm struggling noise and it looks a little different without it's silver back.  As I was taking the photos to share with you I also saw my old cookie brownies that have since been absorbed by my stomach that I meant to show you too.  So after the jump you can look at my sugar fix and my adored mp3 player.  And just a note, pray that you never have to load 700 plus cds back onto a drive ever.  I hate hate hate that it crashed.  But I love ABC Zune Repair and highly recommend them.  The Zune shipped within an hour of them fixing it seems like.  And it was working and was ready to go out of the box.  Love love love them.  Okay sleepy mcsleepenstein is going to take a nap now.

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