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September 16, 2012

Mission Wash Day: Accomplished

Even though I was up against a self imposed deadline to make sure I had time to air dry and be ready for work in the morning, I got it done.  Remind me to never go to Wal-mart on a Sunday again.  I truly hate going there at all when it's likely to be crowded but really really don't know what I was thinking going today.  No major updates to share from the wash.  I lost more hair today even though the two rows of teeth on the comb still worked great.  It was my fault for not co-washing after keeping my hair in a flexi set all week.  I actually didn't do anything to my hair last week besides tie it down and try to pineapple it a bit while I was sleeping.  So it wasn't as nice to me when I was taking care of it today but that's cause I hadn't been nice to it.  Since I was on a time table I didn't take the photo in my Just Grow Already length check shirt but need to as soon as I can.  So either mid week during my co-wash or next weekend during my wash.  I'm also debating running by the hairdresser before I leave for the out of town interview but not sure on that.  Trying to consere funds until I know what I'm doing and where I'm going for sure.  And I am paying off the credit card I charged the ticket to as SOON as they give me the reimbursement check.  I may let the interest float for a month but that's it. 

My mood is still in flux more than I'd like it to be and I got a way too eager call from a local place I applied to yesterday.  I'm supposed to meet with her on Tuesday but I may cancel that.  I don't know I'm just feeling very indecisive about my life today.  Even while I was chatting with my brother about a job he may like I remarked that didn't it seem like we'd been grown ups much longer than we planned on.  I mean yes you know you are supposed to grow up and get married and have families if you so desire.  However, how come no one forces us to really enjoy being young (with appropriate levels of responsibility so you're not a dumb ass) because that's 18/21 years tops.  Since we keep living longer that may only be a fifth of our life that we have little to no major responsibilities if we're lucky.  Another 40 years of working and more working, and then that sad lonely decline I see in my current job.  With my luck my mother will still be with me when she's 90 and I'm in my 70s driving me nuts with what she can't remember and repeating the same 10 stories while being cranky there are no good action movies on tv or whatever the hell we're watching 30 plus years from now.  God that was a long sentence wasn't it lol?  Ahh well I'll try to take a picture of this flexi set before I wash it out.  And I may break out the vintage hair book and try one of those styles since my hair is long enough to pull a few of them off now.  Okay I'm out.  Have a good one all.

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