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September 23, 2012

Wash Day, Delayed but not forgotten

Today was not at all what I expected it to be when I woke up.  I did do my hair but after a happy delay.  My aunt, cousin, his partner and son stopped by after seeing his oldest son play in a game last night.  After joking with them for a while and letting them partake of the black walnut ice cream that I made for mom.  I prepooed way longer than I intended because I got a case of the "Idontwannas" after I took the Hair Therapy wrap off.  Plus my cousin who traveled all over the state when he was competing on the collegiate level in sports confirmed what I thought about the city I'm heading to interview in.  If it's not going to be as good as here then it may not be worth the relocation stress and leaving the clients locally but I committed to going and they may be able to change my mind.

I did remember to take photos in my length check shirt from Just Grow Already and it looks like I'm an inch or so from line one if I remember correctly.  The pictures are all right after I got my deep condition in.  I'll see what it looks like dry if  I do flat iron it to see what it looks like.  I'll know for certain when I add the photos.  One closer up and one from when I just turned the camera on and shot.  Even though there was more hair loss than I would like, considering I did a flexi set and didn't wash it all week it was better than could be anticipated normally.  Because of the interview I didn't want to do a curly set in case I got lazy the night before the flight and didn't want to redo my hair.  It will be as straight as I can get it this week and hopefully won't have to put heat on it in the morning.  I wrapped it and used setting lotion because the front was being difficult.  You know that's not even something I would have noticed a few years ago.  Just would have hoped it all worked out lol.  And my hair is actually about three different colors.  There's the shouting to be noticed grey mixed in with the mostly dyed black hair but with undertones of brown from where the grey is fighting with the black.  I can't always see all of them but today I noticed and I just am glad that there is hair on my head lol.  My cousin had to cut his hair because the bald genes were rearing their ugly head.  Ahh good old genetics, I'll take grey over bald ANY day.

I made dinner, enchilada pie--sorry no pictures, and got my gingersnap ice cream made up and chilling with an overabundance of crushed cookies right now.  I still want to taste the black walnut but I think I need to make her a bit more since a chunk of it was eaten by our family lol.  I am just sleepy enough to go to bed but I'm gonna wake up at 5 in the morning and be pissed if I do lol.  Ahh well, here are the photos and I hope not to see you at 5.


  1. I'm sure by the end of the year, you'll reach 1.

    1. I hope so. I think that would be full shoulder length for me which is what I'm shooting for before the next relaxer. Just gotta keep working on it.