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September 3, 2012

Thanks for your consideration

Sue me it's late.  I don't have a catchy title tonight.  Last night before bed I saw that Naturally Nae of Naturally Curly Kinky had nominated me for the Liebster Award.  It's a blogging award that is for blogs with less than 200 followers--it sort of like a highlight reel for those of us that are just getting started but seem to have a positive or helpful perspective.  Well i guess I shouldn't say before bed because I went to bed and wasn't able to sleep so I'm up again and blogging.

How the Liebester Award works:
1. Each person must post 11 random things about themselves
2. Answer the 11 questions that the tagger set for you.
3. Choose 11 bloggers who you would like to give the Liebester Award.
4. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you have tagged with the award to answer.

Eleven Random As Hell Things About Me
  1. I love statistics and took two more stats classes than I had to in order to get my degree
  2. I think I've seen Prince in concert around 15 times and when he had the last Celebration I tagged along with him and 300 other people to a theater that was nice enough to open so that we could assemble in several rooms and watch Minority Report
  3. I hate shopping LITERALLY and can start to feel sick if I do it too often or for too long
  4. I watch cartoons more than live tv, unless there's a good marathon on the ID channel which is addicting
  5. I like true crime shows but hate Dexter which I find creepy as all hell
  6. My grandmother used to say I wasn't black because I'd eat Chinese or Italian food before traditional soul food
  7. I have a nickname that only my dad could call me so I haven't heard it in the last 11 years.  Anyone that tries can't finish saying it without me giving them the evil eye.
  8. When I really want to concentrate on something I need to have the tv going as white noise and possibly the radio
  9. I'm a military brat that at last count lived in four different countries (including the US) and 7 different states
  10. I have four tattoos all hidden under my clothing so you won't see them unless I want you to
  11. I am totally obsessed with cupcakes right now.

Questions from Naturally Nae

1. Who inspires you the most? I don't think I have a who but my brother makes me smile and proud of him all of the time if that counts.

2. What encouraged you to start blogging? I wanted to have better documentation of my life and my hair journey.  When I journal I can shove that aside when I get anxious or sad and I feel more responsible to blog.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? I don't have a location but I'd like to visit somewhere secluded with great internet connections, limited phone access and a kitchen to die for so I could cook, relax and clear my head.

4. What is your favorite dish to make and why? Even though I don't make it often lasagna.  It feels homey and like a dish that must be made with love.  And my house smells great while it's cooking.

5. In school, what was your favorite subject and why? It ended up being psychology because I like to think about how people think and to help them.

6. What is your favorite song and why is it your fav? I have several by several different people, kind of depends on my mood but Prince, Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5 get the most play on my Zune because they sing most of my favorites.

7. If you could read one book over and over again, which book would it be? And This Too Shall Pass-I just love it, was well written wasn't overly dramatic and didn't pull one of those Tyler Perry endings

8.  If your life were a movie, which movie would it be and why? Under the Cherry Moon maybe, it's quirky, in black and white, is a kind of corny tragic love story where there is no happy ending

9. What two items do you never leave the house without? My cell phone and Zune

10. if you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be and why? Prince, I want to talk to someone who has had a career that spanned the last four decades and can play a gazillion instruments

11. If you had access to a time machine, would you travel to the future or to the past and why? I'd go back to the past, probably when I was about six or seven years old when my brother was old enough to play with, my parents still liked each other, our house rocked and all was right with the world.  And I'd try to get dad to write down the African spiderman story he kept telling us that we can't remember now.

Questions for my nominees

  • What's your favorite Prince song and why?
  • What was your major in college?
  • What's the last thing you do before bed at night?
  • Old school Scooby Doo or new school Scooby Doo?
  • E. Lynn Harris, Terri McMillian, Toni Morrison or anyone else?
  • What's your favorite number and why?
  • What's the last thing you baked?
  • Do you like your job?
  • Soda or water?
  • When's the last time you told someone thank you for something unexpected?
  • The Voice or American Idol?
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  1. Hello there! Congrats on your award :)

    I really enjoy your blog and I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. You can find the details on my blog www.growing-in-style.com.