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September 9, 2012

And finally it happens..

I thought yesterday when I came in from ripping and running would be wash day.  But after underestimating what it would cost to fill up my tank and my trips to pick up some from Lane Bryant and trips to two Wal-Marts I stopped to top off at the gas station closest to my place.  All was going along normally until I couldn't find a song I liked on the Zune and my precious red 120GB baby died on me.  Apparently, it happens after awhile because the hard drives aren't flash drives.  However, they don't make Zunes anymore, I hate ipods (like a burning searing hate of almost everything Apple) and no one is making any mp3 players with a hard drive that big.  Do I NEED 120GB?  Probably not but the biggest alternative I saw was 64GB and it was a yucky ipod.  So after some soul searching I decided to ship it to a Zune repair company lol.  For about a third of what the new smaller devices are running (or a fourth of what it would cost to replace my old Zune with a new replacement) I could have it repaired IF it's fixable.  If not expect serious morning here and then complaining because I may have to downgrade to a 30 or 80GB version if I can find one.  But none of the ones I saw were red.  Oh the trauma lol.

So since yesterday got me completely thrown off I waited and washed my hair today.  I was amazed at how great my hair felt during the wash process.  And this is the weirdest thing, it felt like I was using less product as my hair gets longer.  I used to remark on that to myself when I was watching women with much longer hair as it seemed like they were using about half of the amount of product I was using.  I kept the product routine pretty much the same except I did a prepoo and a deep condition today.  I prepoo'd as normal with my Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil and skipped the coconut oil.  Along with the Hair Therapy mask's yummy comforting heat I almost took a nap.  Wash went fine and I opted to deep condition so I got out and of the shower and applied my products.  I combined my Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask with the Organix Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask.  When I looked at both they have the same consistency and approximate color but product list is a wee bit different.  And their time for application was different but both probably went over cause I had to watch the end of the Novak/David Ferrer match at the US Open.  Washed out fine, hair still felt great.  I grabbed a two rowed comb yesterday that said it was good for detangling and pulling water out of your hair.  Didn't really care about that but I did want to see how it went on the detangling side.  Today it gets good reviews but I'm only two weeks post right now.  I lost next to know hair and there were no massive tangles at all today.  After being a lazy bum for probably 30 to almost 45 minutes and letting my hair dry a bit, I got up and applied my leave ins and then flexirod set my hair.  I've noticed that the left side of my hair tends to dry faster than the right.  Not a clue why but it does.  Even with all of that my hair set pretty easy and felt like it absorb the products more.  We'll see how it looks tomorrow.  But it's already been drying for two hours so if nothing else it better be dry lol.  Oh I've also tried using the Coco-Shea Spray from As I Am.  It's pricey for the size of the bottle but it's Shea Butter and Coconut oil in a liquid spray.  So far I like it.

Mom is allegedly finally willing to listen to me to see if we can get her hair growing.  I'll keep you updated on that too lol.  On that note I have to get back to tennis.  Serena is playing Azarekna so I have to scream at the tv.


  1. I hope when my mom sees me during the x'mas break, she'll get interested in taking better care of her. My younger sis got the bug when she visited me; my 1 year hair had grown back longer than her 4 years hair.lol Now, she listens to my advice with rapt attention.

    1. For some reason mom hates my hairdresser who was the driving force for me taking my hair care more seriously. I think it's because I like my hair simple and mom hates it. But years of high heat, over processing her hair, and crazy hair styles caused massive damage to her hair. So far she hasn't done much to commit to the process but she has the tools now.