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September 29, 2012

Long Flights Make Me Congested

Well not really.  I was fine when I got off the plane I was just a little tired after two flights on Thursday, dinner and a full day of interview, seriously 9 to 5, a tour of campus and two more flights.  I will say the weather yesterday made me think there would be delays but there was nothing.  Just me on puddle jumpers sleeping beautifully most of the flights.  If you can sleep on planes I highly recommend seats over the wing since the vibration makes me pass the heck out.  Got home late, opened a ton of email and seriously passed out.  I didn't want to eat cause it was late and I was thinking about getting up and going in to the office.  I woke up and can't breathe so that's probably not happening.  Heck I woke up at 2 and got over my aversion to food but there was nothing quick to eat or that I wasn't afraid would do a number on my tired tummy.  I've taken some meds to help and because my stomach is empty the meds hit it like a brick.  Praying for clear nostrils lol.  I had planned on leaving my hair straight but I took some flexi rods and curled my dry hair up on Wednesday night.  I had a nice wavy do until the humidity hit it and it was mostly straight by dinner.  I tolled it again that night and it helped up mostly okay on Friday.  Last night I didn't do a thing to but throw a bonnet over it so I need to be nice to my hair today.  For some reason the styled hair on my shoulder wasn't bothering me as much as the straight hair so I need to take note of that too.  Hope everyone is doing well and I'll let you know how the job interview went.  I think I did fine but it wasn't exactly making me excited the whole day.  Ahh well such is life.


  1. Hoping you get a positive feedback from the interview.

    1. Thanks, they have a few more to do so it will be a few weeks but positive would be good.