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September 8, 2012

It's Almost Wash Day

Today was more productive than I thought it would be when I woke up.  I still had remnants of my migraine from yesterday but made it to work.  Sessions felt good, had a weird conversation with one of the LPNs afterwards (not weird in the sense that it was so dang on crazy but weird in timing and location), had to rush home to take care of mom, had a GREAT time hoping the power wouldn't go off during the storm and fell asleep lol.  After I got up I loaded the dishwasher and made myself some cookie brownies while I watched Hollywood Heights.  Can't wait to see what the twist is next week on that show and I think I finally figured out what part of my fascination with the show is.  As I was tidying up the kitchen one show was briefly interrupted for the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon.  Tim McGraw started singing Live Like You Were Dying which I seriously absolutely love.  I cannot tell you how many times I've listened to it and cried or got happy or whatever.  It of course makes me think of my dad but regardless it's a great song.  Anyhoo, as he was singing I just felt myself calm down and tune back into the centered part of me.  I love music.  Always have.  My parents played music when we were growing up so we could dance around and play together.  Granted there was nothing else available at the time really but 8 tracks but I LOVED vinyl records and the hisses and pops that came from overplay.  Even if I don't always want to be doing what I'm doing when I'm able to find the right song at the right moment I am a one woman show in the car lol.  I've done my last check in on mom for the night, have sampled several cookie brownies--probably won't use the brownie pan for that again, remembered to moisturize and seal even though I will hopefully be washing tomorrow afternoon/night, wrapped my hair and got my bag ready for sorority meeting in the morning so there will be no last minute rushing around.  Oh and I used my other Denman brush that I purchased a few months ago.  The one I've been using is great for smoothing a style into place--especially my edges.  The other brush is wider and I guess more people would call it a wrap brush which is what I needed it for tonight.  My hair liked it SO much more and there was next to no hair in it when I was done.  Like I said much more productive and tomorrow I get to see how the Macadamia Dry Setting Oil did with my hair before it gets washed out lol.  See ya.

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