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September 30, 2012

There's something about well conditioned hair

This post is likely to wander all over the place so you've been properly warned and can continue at your own peril.  Today is wash day.  There was no co-wash this week because of the traveling and actually the combing out of the flexiset instead of leaving it curly and cute, made for less tangles so that was good.  There was still a knot that was annoying during the detangling process but the double rowed comb came through in a pinch after I had properly conditioned my hair with my leave ins.  My hair feels amazing right now and if I ever venture into trying to dry it straight without heat I'll love it even more.  My scalp feels nice and healthy and as I mentioned a few weeks back it feels like the longer my hair gets the less product I'm using.  Today I think I even used less rollers which I hope doesn't come back to bite me in the butt later on cause I put too much hair on a roller and it's not quite dry.  Either way I'm enjoying my salt and peppery brown hair right now and that's a good thing. 

The interview I somewhat recapped yesterday but realized I didn't say as much as I wanted to really.  I am nervous by nature.  I was nervous doing phone interviews because you never know how they are going to go and this year I've been lucky in that most of them have led to a new opportunity for me.  Found a new job, found a chance to teach and got invited for a campus interview.  One went all to hell but it's all good cause that didn't feel like the best fit either.  Having visited campus I'm not sure that's the best fit either.  Nice enough city but it's in the middle of nowhere and I heard it was conservative about 20K times.  I grew up mostly in the south I get conservative believe me but I'm not sure hearing it that many times is a good thing.  A few things came up during meetings that also seemed like red flags as well.  I will say my room was lovely and I'll post pictures of that at the end of this post.  I was feeling pressured before I left to find the right situation for me and mom and to take the job if offered because it would at least get me closer to family.  I'm realizing now that being unhappy in a new place isn't worth the stress.  Tomorrow I'm going to decide who to contact regarding recommendation letters for a position that would actually put me in the same city and the family I'm really missing and that may reignite my joy for working so it's not just a job.  I need to feel productive and energized about the whole thing and right now it's just going around in circles with few exceptions.  Gotta start reading and prepping for class that starts in two weeks or 10 days to be exact.  Trying to think if there's anything else to tell you right now.  Not really, I was feeling kind of defeated about the time wasted but I got to travel and get four hours of good sleep between the flights.  I got to stay in the very nice hotel pictured below.  I will sign my contract for the class tonight or tomorrow and I can update my vita to include recent teaching experience.  Even if this door is good and closed I'm sure wherever I'm supposed to be will become clear soon enough.  Hope you all had a nice restful weekend.  I'm going to enjoy my nice ridiculous thread count sheets which are super soft lol.  Oh and the pictures of chess pieces are at the airport.  American had them in random places near their gates. 


  1. Loved the gigantic chess pieces. I cowash my hair throughout the week for the heck of it just to feel the freshly conditioned, soft feel.Plus I love the clean smell.
    I understand how you feel about the excessive use of conservative.

  2. Yeah the giant chess pieces were great. If I hadn't been late flying in the first night I would have snapped some photos then. I did manage a cowash yesterday but normally if I don't time it just right my hair won't be done air drying in the morning. My hair loves me so much more when I do though so I need to work that out lol. And it wouldn't have been so bad if one or two people had said it one or two times but the entire staff said it so many times it started sounding like code for something else. Like we're conservative: there are only four other professional Black people here. We're conservative: not sure what you want to eat because I don't know any Black people personally. We're very very conservative: I notice you're not wearing a wedding ring. We do ok with gay but Black and gay may be too much. By the end of the day as long as no one else said that word I was good lol.