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September 1, 2012

Happy September

I've been meaning to post for the last few days.  As is the case lately, I got distracted and sleepy and then my brain go sleepy.  My two phone calls on Thursday went well.  I don't think I said anything inappropriate and we actually used most of the 30 minutes allotted.  I was told they were early in the selection process--which I now remember because I was surprised they were doing a phone interview that early when I think the deadline was yesterday.  Anyway, I may or may not get called back on that one for a campus interview.  If so then yeah, I think I need more structure.  If not, then the second call gave me hope that they want me to stay here and are willing to support however they can.  After looking over some caseload issues and discussing a few things, maybe I'm not trying hard enough to push session length but I've always been a big believer of letting them lead where the sessions go and when they are done they are done.  I think I mentioned Monday or early in the week that the University of Phoenix classes were officially done.  It took a few days but I've been notified that I passed everything and have been cleared to go on with mentorship.  Thursday I filled out most of the HR paperwork and Friday I scanned and emailed everything in.  Tuesday or Wednesday I expect to hear if it's okay to go ahead and mail everything in so that I can move forward with teaching my first class.  I was terrified for a moment because I had been assigned a class that was supposed to start in two weeks but that's been removed now--I think it was an oversight.  Either way I'm thinking more positively about my options now.

And because of the first positive mindset shift I can say that the DVD from Lots and Lots of Thanks will be going out early next week to the winner Dy M who is a fellow KISSter and who was the only one who was brave enough, or interested enough in the dvd whichever, to enter.  Either way I thank her for participating in my first giveaway.  I'm sure there will be another one in the future for whatever strikes my brain.  I'm not thankful that CBS keeps showing me college football and NOT the tennis that should have been on 30 minutes ago but hey I'm thankful I have cable and other things to distract me so I guess that's a wash.  And even though Venus is out of the singles, I'm glad that there are so many Americans still left in the draw.  We have been getting spanked at the majors this year.  Serena is getting ready to play soon as well.

Ahh, brain fart, couldn't remember what I wanted to share for a few days.  I've been more attentive to the moisturizing and sealing this week post relaxer.  And I've noticed the spot that has been stressing me out isn't as big as I thought it was but it's still annoying that the hair all around it is growing at a healthy clip but that one section isn't.  On the upside the rest of my hair is hiding that spot relatively well.  I've also been putting Gro Aut oil on that one section to see if it will start to catch up to the others but it hasn't been long enough to really gauge especially since I haven't been doing it every other day like it suggested since I bought the bottle. 

I think today will be a cookie or cupcake day.  I'm almost out of the 24 red velvet and lemon ones I made before.  I may do it all from scratch as is my snobby baker want BUT I'm also sleepy as all creation so that may not happen.  Either way, more sweets have to come into my life.  I may or may not watch Cupcake Wars cause the flavors normally make me unhappy about sweets lol.  I will enjoy my day though.  My life kick starts again on Tuesday.  Have a good one ladies (and gents if any of you are reading).

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