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October 6, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

The weather has taken a decidedly fall turn.  Not sure if it will stay that way but I tried to get mom to turn on the heat last night to no avail.  This morning however it's 64 degrees in the house and she's more willing to at least knock the chill out of the air.  The heat is only at 67 and that's usually enough for both of us to feel comfortable so we'll see how it goes from there.  She's trying to cover me up like when I was an infant so if I disappear it's because I'm sweat to death from the blankets and robes and what not.

So I think I mentioned that I had another interview lined up yesterday and after three attempts at making the call work we finally gave up on the audio and video working together.  I fixed it about two minutes into the call but it was just really awkward to me.  Phone interviews are nice in their anonymity and I don't know what they are doing on their end of the call which makes me feel good as well.  Watching each other, especially since I tend to talk with my hands, was just odd.  I'll hear in a few weeks if I'm invited to campus for an interview day but it's made me start considering a few things.  I really do want to move back to Texas and be closer to my family.  All but one of those opportunities (including one I haven't applied for yet) are all either in very conservative cities or at religious institutions.  I mean it's Texas we have lots of BOTH lol.  I'm not very conservative, some would call me irreverent if we're being totally honest, and I'm not sure who I am would really fit who they need.  And it's not that I'm not religious because I am but I'm of the guard that says my work life and my personal life should rarely dance together in the same place.  There are things that are perfectly fine to share in the office but religion and politics I tend to avoid like a germ infested, snotty two year old who is asking for a hug.  Oh I hate germy kids lol.  Ok I got off tangent there.  Maybe these aren't the right opportunities for me.  Not really sure but as I woke up debating that I figured I should consider that my brand of funny probably won't play well in certain parts of the Bible belt.  Not sure what that means for me right now but I should probably give that some thought huh?

I took a photo for the blog I have started maintaining again for my nieces so they could see my interview hair so I can share it with you too lol.  Note the sweater--it was COLD man.  Have a great Saturday all.

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