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October 12, 2012

Just a Quickie---Influenster.com

Since my feet are not cooperating with me today and causing me a lot of pain I'm off them for a while.  While I'm resting I'm on the net.  Here's a site to check out that I found from a fellow blogger who was reviewing a Box of goods she got from them.  Influenster seems like another great review site but with the added perk that the more you use it the more you may qualify for products you could be interested in using in your life based on your activity on that site and any other you choose to link to the profile.  Check it out HERE.


  1. This is the second time today I have heard about this. Thank you for the link. I am going to check it out now. #BLMGirl


    1. Seems like a cute program that isn't hard to participate in. Just be careful with your expert badges initially. At a certain level you can only have like five or six and if you do what I did you go through in order instead of the ones that are really in your wheelhouse of things to participate in--like I would have done sweet tooth if I had been scanning more.