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October 27, 2012

At least a two post weekend

I'm sure you all missed me terribly over the last six days.  You probably didn't even know I wasn't talking at all but it's been a busy week.  Work was varying degrees of busy and Eve was still kicking my butt a few days in there.  Wednesday and Thursday night I taught for four hours to folks who were also in varying degrees of pain so they left early in some cases.  And last night I went out with some members from the chapter and planned to thoroughly embarrass myself bowling.  Instead I was high woman for my team and came in third overall.  It was a good couple of hours to wrap up the week and made me feel like it was time to be more productive today as well.  I haven't attended to my hair yet but I did check a few things off of my list.  I kept it down and straight but pinned it from Wednesday on because I didn't have time to wash and let it air dry and am still desperately trying to avoid heat.  We'll see how the detangle process goes either tonight or tomorrow.  I also broke down and bought some more of the Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter moisturizer online.  The Elasta QP site doesn't even have the most current version up (still has a photo of the Mango Butter version).  I've been using it but it feels SO thick that I haven't enjoyed it in the least bit really.  The ingredients are totally different and that's frustrating.  I found some on Amazon that wasn't  ridiculously overpriced for a three pack and had free shipping.

I've been on Amazon a LOT lately.  After fruitlessly searching for Lemon Creme Oreos I also broke down and found a steal there and a pretty good bargain on Gingerbread Creme Oreos too.  Both of them are in golden Oreo cookies which I love so that should be fun to munch on.  I got the gingerbread ones today so you can get an update on that tomorrow unless they are amazing in which case I'll be back to rave about them later with an update or something.  I got my Skyfall OPI shades today too so now that I've filed down the nails that I chipped while bowling I can clear off the polish and try a new shade. 

I got my first teaching paycheck yesterday which was amazing since yesterday was payday and I wasn't expecting it to be in hand.  I dropped it in the mail before I left for bowling so that will hit the account early next week along with my paycheck.  Since I filled in for someone on Thursday that will be an extra check between my last check for the class.  Excited about that and another class responded well to me so it got my teaching mojo flowing again. Because of that I need to go ahead and update my resume so that I can start applying for teaching jobs without hesitating.  I've graded all their work for the week and I'm just waiting on feedback from my mentor so I can post them and move on to the Halloween class lol.

I still need to wash clothes so I quit running out of the things I like to wear and am stuck with what's clean.  And I think I'll finish cleaning up the floor and start on the bathroom or closets tomorrow while doing my hair.  Today though I quit being a sentimental baby and finally tossed several years of bridal magazines.  I filled up the recycle bin with them.  I need to look through a few of them that I've kept but I'm going to toss a few more I'm sure.  I may not toss the Black bridal mags because a few of those are out of print now I think.  There's more room in my bedroom now though.  You'd be amazed how much room those things take up lol.

Okay I need to go figure out dinner and what will work while I'm feeling like I've done enough for the day.  Oh I need to pick up some trash too lol, well maybe I'm not done for the day.  Oh and if anyone needs an invite to influenster.com let me know.  I still have all five free and I may be qualifying for a box soon, woohoo.  Anyhoo, I hope everyone had a good week.  Hair updates tomorrow.


  1. The coffee design is great!Anyway, I surely missed you. I'll also start a small kick with a class tomorrow. I'm praying it goes well.

    1. Thanks it's called a post divider. I finally remembered to add it to the blog design. Was really simple once you find a graphic you like. Let me know if you want the code. Glad to know I was missed. Every time I got ready to post the sleep would overwhelm me ha. Good luck with your class I'm sure it will be great.

  2. I had fun @ the class.I pray the assessment is positive so i can get it to be a full time thing. Btw, I'd love to have the code!