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October 11, 2012

Co-Wash Day Aborted, Yeah Pizza

So I went to work, did my thing which was fine.  I planned on coming straight home and doing my hair but that didn't happen because I was hungry and tired.  And before I looked up good it was five and then it was six and my desire to make dinner kicked in.  Plus apparently it's national sausage pizza day and let's just say I LOVE sausage pizza.  Mom was already planning to make spaghetti so we shall have both tonight and then have lots of leftovers tomorrow unless I turn into a hungry hungry hippo and ingest everything in a two mile radius.  Oh and I got an after hours call from first interview.  For those of you unfamiliar with colleges if someone calls you after five their time it is usually so you can't call them back in case they miss you lol.  In a moment of relief I was not offered the position, at least not right now they may contact me again if they so desire but for now they didn't like me or the other person.  I know where I wanted to end up in theory (I don't have an actual location in mind yet lol) but I know it wasn't there.  Anyhoo, in honor of national sausage pizza day I'll be using the Italian sausage recipe from Aaron McCargo Jr. Click below for the yummy goodness.

Grilled Sausage Pizza

UPDATE Photos of part of dinner for tonight.  My contribution were the sausage from scratch and creating each of our pizzas.  Mine was pepperoni and sausage and mom's was the same with grilled chicken as well.

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