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October 4, 2012

Co-Wash Day and Sickness--do over lol

Okay today started off quite literally with hacking.  I couldn't breathe which isn't out of the ordinary with the weather being what it is and my allergies developing into what they are.  But after that it quickly went down hill.  I started dry heaving after my shower before other contents of my body decided to join it.  I wasn't sure I was going to make it out to work at all but after making sure the connection was stable for the video interview and setting up information for the class I am preparing to teach I gave it a go.  I swear my clients know when I feel like crap cause they do too and don't want to talk.  I ended up seeing a few of them, running to the grocery store to get a few things and the Cinderella dvd and banks for my nieces (gift set including blu ray/dvd and the bank is 22.96 in store at Walmart--which was cheaper than online and no shipping ha!).  I grabbed lunch, ate and passed out afterwards.  Well tried to, my mother does not seem to sense when I feel bad and continually knocks on the door for little things.  I kept saying get up so I could wash my hair and look presentable tomorrow lol.  It didn't happen till 5 but I did get up, used my As I Am Coconut Co-Wash and the rest of my conditioner line up and remembered to try my Shea Moisture Curly Coconut whatchamacallit on my hair too.  Hair was rolled up and ready to go by 6:15 which is only 15 minutes outside of my if it's not done by this time just get under the dryer rule.  So hopefully I'm presentable tomorrow morning and I can try to see the clients I missed today even though Fridays seem to be outing central so we'll see on that.  Lost more hair than I'd like during detangling but it's again my fault for not properly tending to it during the week.  I'll try to do better on that even though my hair seems to be okay right now.  Everyone have a great weekend if I don't post before then.

P.S. I am rarely plagued with girly moments.  I was talking about this earlier at work with someone who wanted to make sure she wasn't crazy lol and neither of us invest in the whole gotta get gussied up to be more girly thing.  And I hold to that with few exceptions.  Vintage, as I've mentioned, is my like epitome of all things girly when done well and I got sucked into one of my favorite movies shortly after I posted this.  I LOVE Burlesque so much that I have the cd and the dvd cause I must watch Stanley Tucci, Cher and Christina cause I LOVE them.  Well when looking for a new photo for another blog I maintain I found out that they released (they being OPI) nail polish to go along with the movie.  Anyone familiar with OPI knows they move on to the next thing ASAP and these were released a while ago.  I wanted to see a few of the shades closer up because they looked like they were in the range of things I'd wear and of course in my impulsive girlish lust they were totally colors I'd love.  Yeah too bad totally discontinued and then through the power of google (what did we do before google?) I found several shades, some in four packs, on eBay of course.  Outside of investing in my hair it's the one purchase I can say was made because it made me go oooohhh yeah in that way that we women do when we find something that hits deep in the center of our girl goo lol.  After they arrive I'll take photos and let you see my Burlesque OPI collection.  Surprisingly not as expensive as I thought they'd be considering they were OPI but two sets are mini bottles to let you try the shades which is good because there are only two for sure I'd love love love in each four pack and then two others I had to have.  If the other four impress I may go searching for full size bottles of them.  K I'm done and I'm back to being my normal tom boy self.


  1. The tom boy in us can sometimes be of much help than the girly girly.lol Am also trying to find a school. The interviews can be a headache especially when the panel are full of Professors who may just be experts in your field.

    1. Yeah I enjoy the tomboy aspects myself. It's for a job but my career tends to direct you back to college campuses. Good luck with your interviews too.