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October 4, 2012

blah blah blah

Work week started off well, hit the inevitable crash of not enough folks to see that can screw up my mood.  I'll go back out in the morning and try again.  Should be a packed day, maybe lol.  Need to get excited as I have another phone interview on Friday with a different school that I applied to and thought I really wasn't being considered for since it had taken so long to hear back.  It's much closer to my family and in a city I'm at least vaguely familiar with.  I sent out a thank you card to my former coworkers for the gift they sent even though it's really not my style and I'm trying to be grateful and think of things I could use it for lol.  I'm feeling some kind of way about people I worked with for seven years not having a better idea of what to get me if you had to get me anything at all.  I'm back on good aunt duty though.  I will be stopping by Wal-mart or Best Buy soon to grab the latest Disney re-release so that they can watch Cinderella.  And since I saw it I have to get the coin bank for each of them.  If I can't buy it separate I'll just have to send the extra movie to someone else.  Regardless I like sending reusable gifts to the cutie pies.  I need to update the blog I created for them more too so they can see whatever random silliness I'm up to.  Maybe I'll post the photos of my next roller set day ha so they can see my multicolored head.  And I've confirmed my pay dates for my class, as well as taken care of a few other things to get ready for next week.  It should be fun and if it's not then oh well lol it's only five weeks and I would have my life back at the beginning of November and an extra check right before Thanksgiving.  And who knows what my plans will be then.  I feel oddly unsettled but strangely okay with that.  Hair photos will come soon as I wash again, I'm surprised how well this flexiset is holding up but I'm not complaining either. 

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